Re: Am I going crazy with self doubt

on 3/31/16 12:26 pm

Well, I am moving forward to embark on a new journey of doing the gastric by-pass. The decision had felt right in my heart and I am getting great support from a few friends. (No family for they are all back East Coast (NH)I live here in Alaska.) It will be a surprise at Christmas for them to see me.

I am beginning to realize what I am doing. I am starting to second guess myself. Has anyone gone thru this still had gone thru the surgery knowing it was the right decision in your  heart?

On a good note, I am able to make my own protein shakes and not buy the premade ones with all that chemicals. It will be a new start with healthier eating habits and life style too.

Thanks here reading... :)


CerealKiller Kat71
on 3/31/16 12:41 pm
RNY on 12/31/13

I think you'll find very few people that didn't have a lot of self-doubt going into having WLS.  It's a serious undertaking that changes (or at least should) a very important relationship we've grown accustomed to depending on for years.  It is always frightening to embark on such change -- especially monumental change.

That said, while you may find the great majority have doubts going in, you will find very few have regrets after recovering.  Those that do are either in the minority with serious complications or who never made the commitment to truly change their lives and use their tool.  The great majority of us only regret not having the courage to do it sooner.

Good luck to you.

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on 3/31/16 1:35 pm - Brighton, IL

I know I was scared to death before I had my surgery but I was more scared of what would happen if I continuedon't on the path I was on. I had lost both parents due to complications from diabetes at fairly young ages. At 272 pounds I was diabetic,had high triglycerides and high cholesterol. My blood pressure was uncontrolled on three pills. I was winded going down my basement stairs.  Now 31/2 years later I weigh 120 to 123 pounds and my blood sugar,cholesterol and triglycerides are normal with no meds. My blood pressure is perfect on one low dose pill too and I walk about 5 miles a day for fun. I didn't ever imagine I could be this small or feel this good. I am thankful every day for this second chance at a healthy life. I won't say it is easy as I still have to make smart choices each and every day but it is doable. I wish I had had my surgery sooner and not wasted so many years destroying my body but so thankful that I worked through my nerves and had surgery when I did.



on 3/31/16 2:13 pm - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

Taking a giant leap of faith like WLS can bring on a whole range of emotions....doubt, fear, excitement, nervousness...willing to bet most of us could answer "yes" to your question.  A friendly word of caution about your words "it will be a surprise..." thinking that could have potential to backfire if you don't get the response you expect or hope for. It's great to read you have support--it's considered one of the key parts to WLS success--another reason it seems only fair to prepare family.  I know my family went through an adjustment period; they needed time to process the life change just like I did.  All the Best.

on 3/31/16 2:41 pm

Yes, I guess I will need to be careful what I post. I attended a seminar(surgeons requirement) and he had relieved a lot of concerns. There is always risk with major surgeries and one has to be in the right frame of mind too. I am determine to stay positive and keep moving forward.

Thank you for commenting... Jane

on 4/1/16 6:16 am
RNY on 02/01/16

I was excited, and KCBariatric had me fully prepared with knowledge, I didn't get nervous till that morning but I'm like that about things.  I feel wonderful!!!


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on 4/1/16 9:22 am
RNY on 04/26/16

I know just what you mean. I have spent 12 years making this decision!

Prior to this time, insurance and costs always stood in my way. This time, the path has been made clear for me and I have no more excuses. When I start to have doubts I remind myself why I'm doing this. When I get the whole, "Isn't that cheating?" I just remind myself that I cannot allow the ignorance of others to affect my health decisions.

My husband was not supportive at first, but he seems to have come around. My kids are very supportive and I've explained that I NEED this to be healthy again. Everyone who is not supportive, can go suck an egg ;)


Good luck to you! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and hopefully we can lift each other up during the dark times!

(deactivated member)
on 4/1/16 11:08 am

I totally questioned why I was going to have the surgery. I almost cancelled it. I think it was more of I was afraid of the change that was about to happen. I have know regrets on doing it now. 

It is normal to be worried. It is a major life decision.