100 lbs down! And question about sweets.

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Total fire.

Kathy S.
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Hi LindyLin

Congratulations on the 100 pound lost! WAY TO GO!!

As you said I can share with you what worked and not for me. I was so fearful of not getting to goal (nothing had worked before) and gaining all my weight back. I did not eat off my plan for 18 months after reaching goal. Seriously no bread, sweets nothing... Once I felt I could handle a bite of this and that I did so and had control. I too found I could eat sweets and no issues with my tool but to this date 14 years out I can't eat anything oily or greasy. Just because I can does not mean I should I tell myself

I can also tell you after 14 years it can get out of hand and you do so at the risk of gaining. When you get far out from goal and it's your birthday go ahead and have a couple of bites. But please do so once in a GREAT while. I would not at this stage of your weight loss journey even think sweets.

Most regain stories I have read on here started with a bite here and a bite there and then before you know it we are back on that nightmare merry go round.

Stay Strong and stick with our basics for eating and you will be happy you did

Keep us posted on how your are doing!

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Hey there! Congratulations on hitting 100 pounds, that's super exciting.

As far as sweets go, we seem to have fairly similar metrics, so I'll share my experience hoping that it won't become your experience lol

I can eat anything and everything, from pure sugar and chocolate to greasy pizza and hamburgers. I know this because I have tried all these foods. At first it was a "I'll just see if I can have one bite" then it became "this tiny piece won't hurt" and now, I kid you not, I ate 2 pieces of Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie dough today. And, surprise surprise, I am now seriously struggling with my weight loss. You may be different, but I cannot control myself. If I justify one, I will justify one (or two) everyday and things get bad. I am now trying desperately to reel myself in and get back on plan 100%, because again, if I go off a little, I'll go off a lot.

I hope you the best and wish you a happy and successful 2019

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You WILL do it! You are WORTH it!

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It's good that you're learning what you can/can't control! I think we all have to do that and then hold ourselves accountable. The menu thread really helps me with that -- there have been a few times when I literally have NOT put something in my mouth because I didn't want to have to type it in on the accountability portion, lol.

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One good thing I see people on MFP do is PRE-log what they are going to eat that day..and DON'T eat anything else. period.

whatever works!

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I'm so glad this community exists. I didn't even realize but I was hoping for this response. I brought my leftover Xmas sweets to work today to give away, and won't be partaking in the future. It feels better to take control than be in limbo. Your helpful words are appreciated!

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You are so right! We are here for one another. Keep at it!

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