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OP and Kathy S, our bodies are far more sensitive to food conditions...

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Glad to see more articles on this. What I have said to friends is...

Pure_Prairie wrote 2 years, 8 months ago
Got a call from the VA yesterday...ready to get me set up in the MOVE program. hahahahaha, on the referral my doctor put in from my last appt, Nov 14th ~ that the doctor put in maybe 4 days ago. hahahahaha I thought you'd appreciate the irony. They did give me the name of a dietician that specializes in bariatrics, so that may be a resource I can tap into. I saw a endocrinologist yesterday, $140! Oh yeah, I asked for a referral to a VA endo in November, they said "no you don't need that, what other hormones are there to test besides thyroid?" the nurses exact words...hope you are doing great, thought you'd appreciate a good laugh.

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Keep up the great mental attitude! As I noted to you I knew my...

Pure_Prairie wrote 2 years, 9 months ago
E mails I have not figured out. I can see you listed as a friend though....

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Great! Wonder how fast smart people will figure out to use the...

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However, some studies have come up with very small numbers...

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The psychiatrist below wrote the OPPOSITE about motivation & action...

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BEST WISHES FOR SMOOTHING SAILING THRU YOUR SURGEY ON THE 10th! I sent a msg but not sure how this OH system works for you to see it, or reply, so will just check your blog when I can.

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plus you added real yogurt to your diet- great for healthy gut bacteria....

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New person here.

I am being offered the only type bariatric available at the VA hospital. Which is OPEN with far more risk to my mind than tiny incisions lap type, with a big abdominal incision, long recovery, infection risk-which I already ha

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I was informed it was an acidic effect on the staples over time? if they...

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