Help with daily diet- and demystifying the confusion

on 8/20/19 8:23 am

Hi all-

I'm 3 years out & struggling with my daily intake of food. I know low carb works best for me. I've joined weigh****chers on & off... I just find it all overwhelming and confusing. Like- why is fruit a "free" food? makes no sense to me.

Where/who can tell me exactly how much protein/calories/carbs I should have daily to be successful? Its a real question. I dont know anymore. Should I see an endocrinologist? Can they take your blood and then tell you based on your metabolism what your intake should be?

I'm overwhelmed. I really need to lose 30 more lbs...

If any of you could share your daily diet I'd appreciate it. I'm 46, female, low exercise, slow metabolism... (for reference)

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I think this varies by person...there are people on the menu board who can maintain their weight at 1,700 calories, and others at 800 calories. Depressing, I know. I wish there was one size fits all.

Have you ever had a DEXA scan? It's a good way to measure your fat, muscle and bone density and can help you figure out your resting metabolic rate. That can give you a guideline.

In theory, I like the new WW system of foods that have no points - no one got fat eating loads of green pepper, for example. I know I am fighting regain and what I NEED to do is eat high protein low carb. Even 5.5 years out, I get full very quickly from chicken thighs for example. Whereas I can eat a pretty unlimited amount of popcorn or crackers. So if I weigh my food and log it in MyFitnessPal and keep my carbs under 40 or 50 g a day, I can lose weight. It's actually DOING it, that is the struggle.

Good luck! I truly believe we have to spend a few days (or up to a week) detoxing off of carbs and get back to eating protein. Which takes a lot of motivation and self-control. I hope I can do it, and I hope you can too!

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I feel the same way... in fact- I had a boom chica pop - kettle corn addiction...bc I'm an ahole. I threw out the whole bag. Yes- I have success under 60ish carbs- but i feel like why? why do i have to live like this-so depressing. Plus- after I eat chicken for example- like 30 mins later I'm hungry....maybe from my carb addiction? ugh.

Who does a DEXA? an endo?

Thanks again

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Actually, you will have to google dexa scan plus your city. My gym had an onsite Dexa scan...but some doctor's offices do too, I think. It's especially good for those of us with RNY so we can see if we are losing bone density.

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Check the daily menu thread to see what folks are eating. There are lots of people in maintenance who share their menu and that can give you a good idea.

Based on what I've seen on OH over the years, a good start for maintenance at 3 years post-op would be 1000 - 1200 calories, 60 - 80g protein or more, and under 45g carbs. If you need to lose 30lb, you would probably scale back to 800 - 1000 calories, and maybe keep your carbs under 25g.

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Bingo, do this in the above post!!!!

Also have you considered you need to deal with the head stuff? Surgery is only 25% of the solution in my opinion. It's why so many fail. They only do the surgery and then get frustrated on the whys we can't eat "normally, like the rest of the overweight Americans." Nothing normal about eating a bag of popcorn. I know as I do it on occasion, but I face the music each week. I face my therapist to discuss why I did it and how not to chose that again. How to really live normally, you might say. Our ancestors didn't eat all the white crude that's out there - they ate mostly natural foods. Then my trainer beats the living cr.p out of me if I'm not eating clean. She's actually a great clean eating role model. Surround yourself with influences that will help you. WW helps, but they don't address the super morbid obesity aspects of many of our lives. I laugh at the free fruit thing too, but my therapist said the same as above. No one is obese from eating too many asparagus and apples (even bananas). Good luck

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I'm kinda in the same boat and interested in the advice. I had the crap band and lost down to 224. over the next 6 years or so gained it all back with slider food and horrible reflux. Bypass lost down to 214 and had regain to 238 for a year now; up and down the same 2-3 lbs. I've tried all kinds of changes with no meaningful loss. now I'm at 800-900 cal 20 carb 80 pro 50-60 fat. If I drop my calories any lower I'm so Hangry I can't stand myself.

Good luck to you!!

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They have a list of free foods at my weight loss surgery program as well. But no fruits are included. Pretty much all Non-starchy vegetables are free foods. It makes counting calories and carbs easier. I totally understand how you feel when you said "why do I have to be like this?" For years I've done low carb diets off and on since age 19. (I'm 35 now) ...most times giving up and having a cheat day after losing a good amount of weight. Then gaining all the weight back. I've struggled with thinking if low carb diets are truly good for years. For instance I strongly believe the Atkins diet had a major role in me developing binge eating disorder. Back when I originally did Atkins in 04 I lost 89lbs in 9 months. By basically keeping my carbs to 20 or under a day and exorcising. Which is great but I was eating a ton of meat and fat. Because back then the diet said "eat as much meat poultry and fish until satisfied"...well I really took that to heart. I'd be eating 10lbs of chicken wings in a sitting telling my self it's ok because I deep-fried them myself so there was no flour on them...which means No carbs! Not good. Anyway fast forward 10 years later and I eventually developed diabetes. Anyone who has diabetes will tell you the carbs are the killer. So it's like I have to eat low carb or I risk going blind, or losing my limbs, or going into kidney failure. It took me 7 years to finally get my diabetes in check.

I follow my WLS lifestyle Program now. Which is basically 3oz of lean protein at a meal along with as much non starchy vegetables as I need to be satisfied. And a half cup of starch if I desire. Following this I don't even have to count carbs anymore because the diet restricts them so much. I'm not 100% perfect with this but 5 to 6 days a week I am. And the days I allow myself a cheat day I still don't eat any refined carbs or sugar. My diabetes was getting pretty bad before I started eating this way.



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on 8/20/19 2:32 pm

Thank you! Is the WLS program online? I'll google- sounds like its something I could do!

I really appreciate the feedback- its a lonely rollercoaster sometimes!!

Good luck to you!