First time back on OH in about 10 years.

on 9/1/21 7:52 pm - Sayre, PA
RNY on 05/23/11 with

Hello all. I haven't been on this site in about 10 years and from a technology standpoint things look about the same as I remember them. Two questions. First, what is up with all the "menu" posts? I don't recall that being a thing when I was active on the site. Second, what is up with the number of people who post something and then deactivate their accounts? Just curious. :)

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on 9/2/21 4:40 am

hi welcome back.

the menu threads are for 3 purposes in my opinion- accountability, socialization with others, and food ideas for some

second thread is either gun shy people that don't want to be on the boards or trolls.

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GB removal 09/2016,

Twisted bowel/hernia repair 08/2017

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on 9/3/21 6:19 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

The site is very different now ... due to PC and maybe lurking nasty trolls.

it's still a nice supportive site to post on when ur trying 2 lose weight!

on 9/4/21 2:03 pm - Sayre, PA
RNY on 05/23/11 with

Thanks. It seems much different than I recall. Maybe it's just my bad memory, but I remember the site being much more active. Checking the site a half dozen times a day would yield lots of new posts. Now it seems dead. Even the general support page is dead. It's very sad.

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on 9/6/21 10:11 am

Jim, I am hoping it means that many of the kinks are worked out of the surgeries and people have a better management of expectations.

I had an early surgery (26yr surgiversary comes up soon.) an RNY on steroids, so have several issues of at least a couple of gastric surgeries. I have figured it out thru the years. and try to monitor for problems of things i have experienced.

Glad to see you are checking in.

on 9/7/21 6:46 am - Sayre, PA
RNY on 05/23/11 with

Thanks Denise. I hope you are right and all the kinks are worked out of the surgeries. I still miss the way the site was 10 years ago, but change can be good. :)

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on 9/9/21 2:37 pm

Old way of this site. The old site was so much better in my view I used to love to come on it and feel like I was part of something. I don't care what anyone else says. After having gastric bypass you can not ever compare yourself to someone who is your size and haven't had the surgery. It will never equal out. I myself am so needy vitamins and food area is what I'm referring to.

on 9/7/21 7:29 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Things have changed but it's still a good site !

Welcome back and nice 2 C U again Jim !

Your years of experience will of course b extremely valued here if you care to share :)

on 9/9/21 6:05 am, edited 9/8/21 11:22 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

I very hesitantly ? dare ? 2 respond 2 Ur query.

The most PC people won the battle .... because there was trolling, there was some snarkyness and even outright anger occasionally which I think the sites owner didn?t feel was worth putting up with .

Personally I think Eric was very shortsighted and perhaps a bit mislead by a Midwestern close relative ( well meaning but of an older generation and much more conservative bent than your average American) lead censor .

I can?t tell you how many times I?ve been ? blocked ? for simply sharing honestly.. I?m blocked right now from the RNY board probably because I spoke honestly about doing drugs in the eighties as an attempt 2 control my weight .. THIRTY YEARS ago mind you l

to m this is SILLY.... but I?m still blocked ... for weeks now literally over nothing essentially . I didn?t insult anyone ... I just described the truth regarding my own experience.

There R a lot of peeple here who have a huge investment in being more boring than boring . I?m not going to speculate but maybe they?re just playing a role , very emotionally immaturely even 2 themselves .

Who knows .... but the proof is in the numbers .... you CAN bore and self righteously continually ( and controllingly ... which is abusive ) correct people until they stop coming or posting .

The world has really changed . A lot of regular posters here seem determined to fantasize and force a ? Hallmark channel ? imaginary fantasy on the rest of us .

PLEASE grow up ... our world is awash in dangerous opiates and crazy-making brain damaging three dollar ? bath salts ? available and legally sold at every gas station .

Totally unhealthy and gross food porn commercials reign our TVs .

It seems like morals have gone out the window .... people who steal and cheat get congratulated ... and even lionized with tv programs ... like I said the world we live in has CHANGED!

Just because I was FAT didn?t make me stoopid Thank God .... please never ask me to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich ever again .

on 9/9/21 7:03 am - Sayre, PA
RNY on 05/23/11 with

When I was active 10 years ago, this place was amazing. Of course there were some trolls, but those exist on every message board. Sounds a bit too restrictive if the moderators can block people for sharing honest experiences about how they battled their weight in the past. Drug abuse was, and likely still is linked to attempt to control weight. I'm sure if you polled those of us of a certain age, you would find a plethora of us dabbled in drug use to try to lose weight at some point in our lives. If that is the reality that this site has embraced, then it is a sad day indeed.

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