What's on your Monday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/22/21 2:02 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Morning all! Who is ready for Monday? I am not at all. I worked an event all day on Saturday and baked all day on Sunday, so I never really sat down, lol. But I am taking W - F off so I just need to make it though the next few days. I haven't checked my work email in 2 days which is not awesome because I have meetings from start to finish today. Whoops.

QOTD: What is the comfiest spot in your house? Now that we have the new family room completely set up (including the new mini-split for heat) it is a really comfy, cozy spot! Our bed is pretty cozy, too!

I wasn't great about making a solid menu this weekend. I did my usual thing which was stay low enough on calories so that it was not a complete disaster, but I did not eat a balanced diet. Here is today's plan:

B: Coffee (argh, no protein coffee... stupid supply chain....) & eggs

S: Balanced Break

L: Italian Sandwich (insides)

D: Beef Roast

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on 11/22/21 3:25 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Happy Monday! I also only have a two day work week and am very excited about that!

qotd - when I bought my house I was so excited by the "dining room" - I turned it into a sun room and it's my favorite place to sit and relax. Floor to ceiling windows on two sides, slider to the deck on the third and then open to the kitchen, cozy love deer and chairs and it's perfect. It's why I bought this particular house!

menu today

usual coffee plus half and half x 3

protein oatmeal

leftover chicken Philly fixings

tbd on dinner

have a great day!

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on 11/22/21 6:16 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

Your sun room sounds lovely.

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on 11/22/21 4:37 am

Hi all

weekend was good, didn't get as much 'second job' business done yesterday as I had planned but still better than laying on the couch like a sloth... saturday i ran a TON of errands including going to sams, aldi (man I miss this place, will have to put back into the rotation) starbucks, some shopping for business including some purses which are awesome and some custom embroidered jeans that I wished fit me. Listed some of the items on marketplaces yesterday also.

Scale is still up, so working on that. I'm hoping work will be calm this week with the holiday but you just never know.

QOTD: my couch I would say. Its over 7 feet long and I share it with the dogs. I generally get 1 square and they hog up the other 2. we either have a fire in the wood burning stove or turn the mini heater on and it gets cozy in the winter. Second place would be our room which is directly above the living room. It gets VERY warm and stays warm year round. We have to remember to turn the heater down before bed or we will roast.

Food: there is soooo much to choose from

b: coffee/ water/ egg crepes from Aldi/ yogurt in side?

s: turkey/cheese

l: chicken sausage


d: either pork carnitas, pork roast, or something from the list.

s: ?

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on 11/22/21 4:51 am, edited 11/21/21 11:11 pm - PA
RNY on 03/18/14

Good morning, I have no yet figured out a good routine for getting a post in here on the days I'm at the office (Thursday and Friday). It seems like the mornings are just go, go, go! But here I am, back at it. Thankfully I did plan and keep to my plan those days, I just didn't make it here to post, lending an extra layer of accountability.

QOTD: Our house has radiators and is definitely chiller in the winter than I would probably like, upstairs especially. My "knitting chair" in our living room is close to a radiator, so it does tend to be the coziest spot though.

8:30 - coffee, egg bits

11:30 - protein shake, carrots

2:30 - yogurt, chia seeds, raspberries

6 - "Easter dinner" sheet pan meal (it involves ham, green beans, and potatoes)

8:30 - rice cake, PB, almonds

I spent way too many hours yesterday obsessively researching new cookware. My current set is nonstick and scratched so needs to go. I'm planning to go to stainless steel so looking at all the brands, options, recommendations, and early Black Friday sales! I'm more excited about this switch than I probably should be

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on 11/22/21 7:07 am
RNY on 10/29/19

I feel ya. Kitchen stuff is my jam. I'm getting excited about my annual trip to Williams Sonoma in January. I made lots of stuff yesterday for our dinner party and just loved getting to use my stuff like the immersion blender and the food processor. I'm a kitchen nerd for sure.

on 11/22/21 12:38 pm

you need to come to georgia to the WS outlet!!!

HW 305 SW 278 Surgery weight 225 GW 160 LW: 118.8

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GB removal 09/2016,

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on 11/22/21 7:51 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Are old office had radiators and I would cook tuna melts on them. Oh they were so good. Do you ever use them to cook or heat things up? Grandma always did that is how I leaned that trick,

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Amy Liz
on 11/22/21 9:53 am
RNY on 11/21/16

We used to lay our bath towels and clothes over the radiators when I was a kid - it was awesome putting on toasty clothes in the freezing cold winter.

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on 11/22/21 1:20 pm
RNY on 03/24/21

Let me know where your cooking pan research takes you. My pans are the same. They are nearing the end of their use. I would like to get away from Teflon but don't enjoy clean up if things stick badly. I will be curious to what you choose.

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