What's on your Wednesday menu, RNYers?

on 4/27/22 3:45 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and happy Wednesday! We are getting closer to the weekend! Yay!

QOTD - what is your favorite game? I have a group of friends that we do an annual Cards Against Humanity tournament which is so much fun, so CAH is probably it. It used to be Trivial Pursuit but for some reason people don't like to play that with me (the reason is that they usual LOSE, lol).

Usual action packed day for me, lots of meetings plus my PT and they are coming to service the AC and make sure it's ready for the summer. I should also probably fold all the laundry I did over the weekend.

I did keep my exercise streak going yesterday, I told myself if I did 20 minutes with the 6lb ball, I could then do 20 minutes stretching. Today I will get in some cardio and then my PT session which has become a lot more like exercise lately. Walking planks should not be a thing.

Menu today is

coffee plus half and half X 2

deli chicken with slice cheddar

greek yogurt with blackberries

meatballs with cheese

blackberries with NSA reddiwhip

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone

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on 4/27/22 3:55 am
RNY on 08/29/18

Good morning, everybody!

One day down and two more to go. I was waiting in line trying to figure out how to download my vaccination info when the thought hit me that I should just go home and retire. But I stuck it out. I asked one of the women at the sign in booth to show me how to take a a screen shot on my phone and she laughed and said "we are going to need to find someone younger to help us."

Nine hours of partnership taxation theory is a long day. I was supposed to go to a work social event last night, but I skipped it - I was just exhausted. And the food was all carbs. I actually found an Asian Chicken Wrap that had a sesame dressing and no mayo for lunch. But other than that it was bagels, muffins, cookies, raspberry bars. I need a better plan today because I felt pretty bad at the end of the day yesterday.

Traffic was an hour 45 going in yesterday, so I had better run. Oh, and it may snow today.

QOTD: We have been enjoying those Unsolved Cold File Games. Marilyn bought my daughter the Bunny one for Easter, but I don't know if she has played it yet.

Breakfast: Sandwich

Lunch: Asian chicken wrap most likely

Dinner: Enchilada

Have a great day, all!

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on 4/27/22 4:37 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The "nice" thing about all the various food plans people are on these days is you're likely not the only one dis-assembling your wrap to only eat the "good" stuff, lol. Good luck avoiding all the carb-snacks, it's tough.

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on 4/27/22 5:53 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Yikes, sounds like a day! I hope today is a little better. I forgot about the crime games-I do like those!

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on 4/27/22 11:30 am
RNY on 03/24/21

That subject sounds brutal (taxation) and mind-numbing. At least to me. Hopefully, more interesting today and better lunch options.

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Internal Hernia 1/14/22

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Melody P.
on 4/27/22 4:29 am - TX

Good mornin Jen and everyone!

Today we'll be going to the car dealership around 10:30. My mom got all her mature saving bonds cashed in and get this over 2000 in change. She just might of contributed to the change shortage! LOL. We should find out today the amount for a trade in we will get on the Rio. It's cosmetically not great but still runs well. It also needs a new front windshield. Since our town seems to like nonstop road work.

I kind of had a mini breakdown yesterday that included a bawling session. After helping clean the car I hurt so freaking bad. I felt sorry for myself. Hopefully today'll be better mentally. I don't think the methadone is working worth a crap. They'll probably want to up it before switching to something else. I am tired of this merry go round. I reread the results from my myelogram and it also said I have Marked Modic endplate marrow changes at the L3?4 level. I swear the difference in language between the two hospitals is kind of annoying, oh well! LOL

Food has actually been better than usual, though could still improve. Little steps seem easier to accomplish for me. I tend to over think and set unattainable BIG goals and set myself up for failure.

QOTD: the last time I played a game one of my nieces, Riley, threw a fit because she lost. I don't remember the exact game...I think it might of been candy land or something like that. We're not the biggest game board or card playing family. We used to do dominos when my grandparents were alive. I used to be really good at canasta.

B: JUST egg cup coffee x2

L: prob oatmeal, not up to cooking much today...

D: might make a GF focaccia pizza thing

S: garden puff things, yogurt and ???

on 4/27/22 4:36 am
RNY on 02/14/18

When I was working with my program pre WLS, I would have to commit to 3 changes between sessions. They were always small/reasonable and had to be sustained when I added the next three and it really helped. There's also a book called Habit Stacking, which I haven't read but seems to be in alignment with that approach. Maybe something like that could help you.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


Melody P.
on 4/27/22 4:45 am - TX

Thanks for the suggestion! Will have to remember that when I get paid again.

on 4/27/22 5:37 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Or hit the library; I get a lot of my "self help/business" books at the library because I know it's rare that I'll read them again.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


Melody P.
on 4/27/22 6:41 am - TX

I'm clearly not running at full speed...lol. Will have to check out the library.

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