Isopure Sucks

on 4/4/11 7:32 am - Bronx, NY
I opened up a bottle of Isopure today and all I can say is the makers of that stuff should be shot. It's like drinking dish detergent. I know I won't be able to scarff that down. Any suggestions to make it taste better?

on 4/4/11 7:36 am - CA
VSG on 03/29/11 with
haha i have heard is called isoPUKE just for that reason !!!  I use unjury or michal and jullians whey powder stuff.. it come in a tub and its 10.00 at walmat!! w0ot w0o!!

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on 4/4/11 7:37 am - Mansfield, TX
YES IT DOES!  BLECKKK!  EWWW!  I dumped mine down the sink and threw the bottle away with conviction!!!!  Not sure anything would help that crap!


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on 4/4/11 7:39 am - San Jose, CA
I've never tried the bottled Isopure but I LOVE the powdered stuff. I love the choco, vanilla, strawberry and cookies and cream.. to me it's like getting to drink a milk shake that is ON my diet! Love it!

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on 4/4/11 7:39 am - holt, MO
 Yep you are correct.
on 4/4/11 7:53 am - CA
I agree its ******g nasty! What does it make my teeth and tongue feel like Im eating a mixture of chalk and glue?!?!?!!?!? Take those ******** out to pasture!
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on 4/4/11 7:58 am - MN
Yes, it's awful. I bought it before surgery, tasted it then and didn't like it. It was worse after surgery, especially right after. I have been able to choke it down, tho. I feel like I have to because I'm not getting enough protein. I pour small amounts into a pretty glass, trying to fool myself into thinking it's something else. Choke gag.... 

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on 4/4/11 8:16 am - TX
Try Isopure plus, I got it from the hospital, little 8 oz bottles. They are pretty good
Brenda L.
on 4/4/11 9:04 am - Raleigh, NC
mix the Isopure with Crysttal Light and it actually tastes pretty good!
on 4/4/11 9:12 am
Hi. After doubt alot of research I ordered j robb unflavored protein powder. I love ice tea with lemon and my sister ordered some lipton diet decaf with lemon. It is great. So I can put my protein in that. The nutritionist said many have said the j robb is tasteless. You can put in yogurt soups etc. Hope this helps! Sara
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