3 week stall thoughts

on 5/10/11 10:42 am
So, I am approaching week 3 and I have some thoughts on the impending stall.
The first 2 weeks are crazy, and our bodies are trying to recover and we're trying get in all these fluids.  It's madness.
So, by week 3 we are getting pretty good at the fluids, things are moving along.
What if our bodies are just holding on to some water that we really didn't get enough of the first 3 weeks?
And, the farther we progress in our diets and exercising, our bodies catch back up and the extra water then goes away.
I have no idea if this actually happens, but it makes sense.
I'm going with it and NOT weighing myself until week 4 :)
on 5/10/11 10:57 am
Actually, you are not far off the mark according to my nutritionist. She warned me that between 3-5 weeks, most people either stop losing weight or it slows considerably. This is due to the body readjusting after surgery and keeping on water weight. Once it is back to a new normal, you begin losing again. She also said it was a good idea not to weigh in during this time, so you are probably good there as well. I only weigh in once a week so I still saw change on the scale. Keep trudging along and the weight will continue to drop.

Lori H.
(deactivated member)
on 5/10/11 11:05 am
Meh, I try not to think about it.. because it'll just make me ...

But, here's a good explainer of at least the first early stall many folks (including myself) hit.

Copied from the main board:

The following explanation is courtesy of Diana Cox:

Our bodies use glycogen for short term energy storage. Glycogen is not very soluble, but it is stored in our muscles for quick energy -- one pound of glycogen requires 4 lbs of water to keep it soluble, and the average glycogen storage capacity is about 2 lbs. So, when you are not getting in enough food, your body turns first to stored glycogen, which is easy to break down for energy. And when you use up 2 lbs of glycogen, you also lose 8 lbs of water that was used to store it -- voila -- the "easy" 10 lbs that most people lose in the first week of a diet.
As you stay in caloric deficit, however, your body starts to realize that this is not a short term problem. You start mobilizing fat from your adipose tissue and burning fat for energy. But your body also realizes that fat can't be used for short bursts of energy -- like, to outrun a sabertooth tiger. So, it starts converting some of the fat into glycogen, and rebuilding the glycogen stores. And as it puts back the 2 lbs of glycogen into the muscle, 8 lbs of water has to be stored with it to keep it soluble. So, even though you might still be LOSING energy content to your body, your weight will not go down or you might even GAIN for a while as you retain water to dissolve the glycogen that is being reformed and stored.

on 5/10/11 11:14 am
That's exactly what I was thinking! :)  JK
Thanks for the post.  It really makes alot of sense!  We should repost weekly for everyone who is feeling 'stalled'!
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