April Sleevers-How are you?

on 7/6/11 5:59 am - CA
Hi everyone,
     Just wanted to see how everyone is doing? I'm doing pretty dern good considering my exercise is so limited. Working ALOT of hours at my desk job so I've just been too burnt to get to the gym. Also protein shakes are really hard on my stomache and I've even gotten sick from them lately so I havent been drinking them. I am eating alot of chicken and I mean ALOT. Also I sometimes eat jerky, string cheese, Activia lite. Meat, meat, meat. Keeping it about 600-800 calories a day I think. I drink water quite a bit and also am really liking the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry/Pomagranite juice (only 5 calories a glass) to keep hydrated. I take b-12, iron and multi vitamin daily, and pepcid. Cant stomache the calcium chewables from bariatric advantage I bought and so havent been taking them until I can afford something else. I'm down 36 lbs since my surgery. Please let me know how the rest of you are doing & good luck to everyone.

on 7/6/11 6:10 am - Lincoln, NE
Doin good no complaints. Just waiting to see what it will be like when I get back to work. Hope I don't get burnt out.
Rich Sonderegger
Jenny C.
on 7/6/11 6:49 am
 Doing great!  Eating lots of variety of whole foods, very protein-focused, of course.  Doing well on water.  Taking daily MV, less than daily potassium, B12, iron; I take calcium if I'm not getting RDA from food (vite has 30%, protein shake has 50%).  I bike commute to my job in Seattle, plus doing some home resistance exercises (push ups, bicep pulls).  Will be adding in a Pilates tape at 3 month point.  I feel strong.

I feel so much better with this weight off.  My husband is a bass player, and I was helping him get some stuff to a 4th of July parade.  I carried his 30-lb amplifier for him.  That sucker was heavy.  I've lost almost 1 1/2 of those!  Almost half way to goal at 2+ months.  Yay!

Hooray for the sleeve!
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on 7/6/11 7:20 am - CA
I'm doing great!  I have my three month follow-up appointment next week and hopefully my labs are great as well!
on 7/6/11 7:38 am
Doing OK. One more @#@#^$%&^#%^& pound to get to halfway to goal!!

Eating: Well, I have me a tiny tummy, which considering my surgeon used a 40 bougie says something - I just don't know what. Can eat less than 2 ounces of protein, way less if it's dense. But I have never minded the shakes so all is well.

Fluids: Why I can drink like a fish when I'm so restricted on food is a mystery, but if I wait an hour after a meal I can drink as much water as I want. Getting at least 64 oz of water plus at least another 20 ounces of other liquids a day.

Supplements: multivitamin capsule, calcium soft chews (yummy, it's like cheating!), iron, fiber and daily Colace for that TMI problem.

Exercise: I'm amazed at myself. I walk daily for routine exercise, but have been biking and hiking the last few weeks and had more stamina than you'd think a 250 lb woman could have. I guess my body is so used to over 300 lbs that 250 seems like nothing.

Highest weight: 335 lbs, BMI 50.9
Pre-op weight: 319 lbs, BMI 48.5
Current range: 140-144, BMI 21.3 - 22

175+ lbs lost, maintaining since February 2012

on 7/6/11 7:59 am
Sounds like things with you are good and that's good to know. For me this has just been a ruff start to July have not been feeling good and not getting enough protein try but just tired of it. Down 39 pounds and giving thanks, N.S.V both some Ashley Stewart dresses time as they arrive they're to big and this is their smallest size so a little bit excited to know have to now definitely shop in regular stores. 
on 7/6/11 9:07 am, edited 7/6/11 9:07 am

I'm having my 3 month follow up appointment tomorrow and I am excited!  The nurse took a picture of me when I first came in at 334 lbs, and she will take another picture tomorrow so I can see the difference, can't wait!  Food and water are going down fine, I just have to be careful that I don't eat to fast (which has always been a problem).  I've been going to the gym regularly, doing 1/2 hr cardio then some weights.  I just wish that I was losing faster. 

on 7/6/11 11:49 am - MI
Hi I am not usually much of a poster.  Just a stalker LOL  I had surgery April 12th.  To date I have lost 45 pounds including my pre surgery diet.  I do OK with food.  Focused on protein.  Eat alot of fish and seafood.  Seems to sit the best on my tummy.  Have had some problems with liqiuds.  Often feel like I have a big air bubble in my tummy and it makes it hard to drink anything.  Keep trying though.  Usually get my protein.  Make sure I get one protein bar and one carton of greek yogurt daily and that helps.  Do fine on all my vitamins.  Excercise is an issue right now too,.  VERY overwelmed with my job and working MANY hours.  Overall pretty happy with everything.  I feel great and have a lot more energy.
on 7/6/11 1:40 pm - Fayetteville, GA
Doing well, down almost 53 pounds since surgery 4/11, go in for my 3 month appt. next week.
I am swallowing all my pills at this point, can't throw a handful in at a time like I used to, one at a time and I get my water in doing it that way. I take a prenatal vitamin (just for the benefits), calcium, flaxseed capsule, multi vitamin, prilosec.
I don't think I get enough protein in, I have started a new job and don't have much time to eat, don't do shakes anymore and at night I am starving!!
I don't get enough liquids in either, all I want is water, having a hard time fitting it in.
I was doing interval training until I began running and hurt my low back. Hoping to start walking again tomorrow after work.

VSG: 4/11/11 by Dr. Kevin McGill at Buckhead Bariatrics, Atlanta, GA.

Looking for Support Group near Fayetteville/Peachtree City, GA

on 7/6/11 10:52 pm
I'm doing pretty good!  Everything has been going good, for the most part :)

The Good:
- Finally met my first personal weight goal...  I was 222 a few years ago after lots of dieting, just prior to going into a binge eating program.  The binge eating program was AWESOME, and helped give me the tools I need to not binge.  However, the bummer is that I gained 42 "eating mindfully" :(  I felt great about myself, but didn't not like the inconvenience and health risks of the extra weight..  Next  goal: 189 (the lowest weight I've ever been in my adult life.  Achieved after crazy dieting and work-outs during a "Biggest Loser" competition at work.  It lasted about a day)
- My clothes are finally getting baggy, and I can fit into some of my smaller stuff in the closet!
- I've been consistently working out or at least walking, at least 5 days a week.
- I am on week 2 of a couch to 5K program, using the C25K app.  Running makes me feel so proud of myself!  I ran a couple 5Ks a few years ago, back when I weighed this weight, and it made me feel great :)
- Now that I eat 2-3 real snacks (usually a piece of cheese), instead of the "glass of milk" snacks that my doctor recommends, I don't get so ravenous during the 6 hours in between my meals.

The Bad:
- I started having problems with eggs a few weeks ago.  They made me nausious :(  I am going to try eating them again soon.
- I get nausious sometimes while eating, if I think too much about it... For example, if I'm eating yogurt and think "hope I don't get nausious", I get nausious :(
-  I have an itchy rash on my neck that I didn't have before surgery. No idea what caused it.  Probably has nothing to do with the surgery.  I should see a dermotologist about it...

CW: 130ish HW: 264 SW:254 Hgt: 5'2

Goals-Dr:159-MET Mine:140-MET!!! Final Goal: 135-MET!!!!!

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