Hi there, I'm new & wondering if anyone wishes they

Linda S.
on 7/22/11 1:14 pm - Canada
had a RNY instead of the VSG? I'm struggling with the decision.
Thanks, Linda
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on 7/22/11 1:21 pm
Absolutely not.

I'm only a month post-op, but I don't dump, have never barfed, and I don't malabsorb anything. I have wonderful restriction, and although I've craved carbs and battled head hunger, I'm getting the hang of it.

Please, if considering RNY, research RNY and reactive hypoglycemia (you can search here on OH, or browse the complications forum). My BFF is post op RNY 2 years and almost died (unexpectedly) from sudden onset RH. She had never heard of it until AFTER (not something surgeon's talk about). Scary stuff! 

Do your homework, only you will know what's best for you! 

Good luck in your decision! 
on 7/22/11 1:30 pm - MN

Hi Linda,

I had my surgery about 3 1/2 months ago and so far, I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!  It has been nothing but good for me.  My surgery and recovery has gone very smoothly.  I am able to eat pretty much anything that I want such as steak, chicken, veggies, salad and more.  I just can't eat a lot.  So far I have lost abouty 50 pounds since surgery.

The main reasons I chose VSG over RNY were:
1.  I just didn't want to have my insides re-arranged.
2.  The malabsorbtion of calories only lasts about 2 years, but the malabsorbtion of vitamins and minerals lasts a lifetime.  And, I am kinda bad at remembering my vitamins.
3.  I have a few friends that have had RNY and each has had surgery to repair hernias and stictures.  So far I have hear of very few people who had these issues with VSG.
4.  I have some health issues that requires me to take occasional NSAIDS.  And that is something you CAN NOT do with the RNY.

Hope some of my rambling helps you with your decision.  You have to do what is right for you and remember each WLS has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Good Luck,


on 7/22/11 1:33 pm - MN
OH, GOD, NO!!! Never! Lap band, even worse. I'm guessing VSG will become the gold standard of WLS and RNY will be seen less and less.

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Linda S.
on 7/22/11 1:38 pm - Canada
I think I'm worried that it would be harder to loose the weight with VSG because you can eat more which then worries me that I'll go back to old habbits.
Thanks, Linda
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on 7/22/11 1:48 pm - MN
The thought of slipping back into my old destructive, sick way of eating terrifies me, too. I have to think, tho, that my teeny tiny tummy will be my ace in the hole and it won't happen. 

I have to tell you, most of us do NOT eat more than with a pouch. My sleeve is 12.5 mm - that's less than 1/2 inch across. That means I can't eat much and my sleeve probably won't stretch out all that much. I do know, pouches stretch and the re-gain does happen. I work with a failed RNY person. I feel really bad for her.

Just like all of us here at OH, whatever surgery we've decided on, it's very personal. You're doing your research and homework. It's very important for you to do so. Congratulations on asking the right question. It's a good one. 

5'5"  Age 63  HW 212  SW 200 Currently 8 pounds below goal

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on 7/22/11 1:50 pm
Not sure where you are finding the info that you can eat more? Our stomach is basically the same size as the RNY pouch if not a little smaller at a year out.

If you are talking about dumping and mean "more" as in sweets- the majority of RNYers do not dump.. only about 35% do.. and some grow out of dumping later on as they progress..

There is a fairly common issue with the stoma stretching in the RNY. Then you can eat all you want and it goes right through to your intestines you so end up getting hungrier sooner and you can eat far more than a VSGer that's not grazing all day.. the loss of fullness cannot be restored. There are several surgeries they've tried and none are successful long term.

Plus the malabsorbtion you have of calories is temporary, up to about 2 years, then your intestine adapts to absorb as much as it can- but you still malabsorb many nutrients.. 

You really need to research all your options, and read a lot more. None of the surgeries will change old habits. That's up to us to work on before and during our weight loss- or you will end up eating around your surgery.. Please realize this, surgery won't cure a bad habit or how you cope if eating was your thing. None will. 

Linked below is a good article to start with, please continue reading a lot.. there's a ton of studies out there. I never considered the RNY, it was VSG or DS only. If I wanted malabsorbtion, I would have had a DS..

http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/amos/4416773/quotDoes-the- Patient-Fail-the-Procedure-or-Does-the/
on 7/22/11 1:42 pm - TX
OH Please don't do the RNY.  Please research the DS over RNY.

I recommend the Sleeve over the band and the DS over the RNY any day.

Go to www.dsfacts.com to research the duodenal switch if you think you need the malabsorbtion to go along with the restriction. 

 Come to the Dark Side!!!                     
Band to DS revision 11/09/09.
Learn about the Duodenal Switch at dsfacts.com ! Off site comparisons of the 4 WLS 
http://www.thinnertimes.com/weight-loss-surgery/wls-basics/w eight-loss-surgery-comparison.html
on 7/22/11 1:46 pm
Please really consider VSG. I go to support groups and the VSGers seem happier and healthier than RNY and band patients. If the surgery goes as well as mine, there are a few days after surgery which can be a little tough, but it just got better each day. Other than a little tiredness for a few weeks, I felt great. At 3 months out, I can (and have been) eating what I want but it is controllable since I don't get hungry. A couple of ounces of steak is all I want. Chicken too. If you do this, follow the presurgery diet, don't rush even mushies after surgery (let it heal!!), and after a couple of months you will probably be back to normal. With the restriction, when you eat, it's almost like you start eating at the end of a meal--a few bites is all it takes. The malabsorption was a deal breaker for me. VSG leaves your basic system intact--you just don't hold much at a time. It is much more natural, and no foreign object left behind like the band. Good luck, but, I did the same thing you did (but had thought I'd do lapband), but, this is the best alternative for most people. Good luck!
on 7/22/11 1:59 pm
sleeve.     sleeve.    sleeve.

if you don't have food issues that would need the malabsorption -- don't do it...   it's forever, and there are issues associated with malabsorption that you should only take on if you absolutely have to...

check out page 10 here --  www.fhshealth.org/uploadedFiles/About_Franciscan/Franciscan_ Health/10437MB_FR_Tacoma_SU11_final.pdf

i my sleeve!


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