2 weeks out and I still have the burps when I drink anything

on 7/25/11 1:26 pm - LA
I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and does anyone know how long it lasts?  I also can still not swollow pills....I feel good just have these issues.  Thanks
on 7/25/11 1:33 pm
It was like that for about 4 months and I still do it some now..9 mos out. It isn't as bad. You just have to learn to live with a certain amount.
on 7/25/11 2:48 pm
Oh I was definitely still doing the burpy thing at 2 weeks. Noticeable improvement by week 4.  I do it now, just not most of the time.
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on 7/25/11 3:23 pm
8  months out now.. still burp lol
on 7/26/11 1:20 am - VA
7 weeks out and usually must burp as I eat or drink. Some things go down better than others. GasX sometimes helps.
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