WHAT???? I have been the same weight for over a week....

on 8/3/11 8:37 am - LA
I am only 3 weeks out and have stayed the same weight for the last week....down 20 which I am not complaining about but really!!  I have not really eaten anything but my protein drinks and water, I would think it would have gone down at least a pound or 2 in a week....anyone else have this problem?  frustrated!
Happy Girl
on 8/3/11 8:39 am - CA
3week stall is VERY common. This too shall pass.

  Dr.  Gregg Jossart  

on 8/3/11 8:43 am - Custer, WA
Did you think to measure yourself all over before surgery?
Well, I hit 3 weeks out on Monday and stayed the same last week too!
But, I have gone from a size 26w jeans, to this am a 18w jeans!!  So, I am not complaining!
My body is melting away no matter what the scales say!
So, I also only weigh once a week on Sunday am! 
I certainly didn't weigh myself every day when I was gaining weight so don't plan to do that at this time!  It will come off as my body adjusts!
You didn't gain it overnight, so you aren't going to loose it overnight either!

Keep at your exercise and proper foods, and you will be at goal in no time!!
Patience is the greatest tool in your success!!

Just sayin'  Ha ha


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on 8/3/11 8:52 am - LA
Thanks, no I did not measure but wow that's a big jump from a size 26 to an 18!!!  congratulations.....maybe I should measure myself now.  I have read about the 3 week stall but ahhhh just a little frustrating since I really am not even eating too much at all, it has not done well and by the time I drink all the protein and drink the water, the food is not worth it!  haha never thought I would say that! 
Susan M.
on 8/3/11 8:54 am
 Don't worry! Your body has been through a huge change and needs some adjustment time. Lots of others have hit a snag around 3-4 weeks, me included, and in no time at all, your weight will be falling off.  Hang in there and good luck!
on 8/3/11 10:40 am
on 8/3/11 10:44 am
It happen to me too. I try to get more protein and it helped I started to lose more weight
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on 8/4/11 12:16 am - Harbor City, CA
This is normal and your body is adjusting.  It may stay like that up to two more weeks or
within the next couple of weeks you may lose a couple or a few more pounds.

dont worry ... your body is adjusting and still losing inches. measure yourself.
By measuring yourself, it will help with the head.

hang tight.  Look at peoples monthly weight loss on their signatures.
it will give you a general idea how much you are going to lose per month.
your body will go through this every month. 

use internet explorer browser so you can see my long ticker and signature stats.

hang tight..  this is normal and how we lose weight.

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