Acid issues 6 months post-op, suggestions??

on 8/31/11 2:19 am - Round Rock, TX
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So immediately post-op my surgeon had me on chewable antacid (like Pepsid Complete) regularly for 1 month, then I was told that I could take them as needed. After the first couple months, I had less and less need for it. Over the past couple months however, and especially in the past few weeks I have noticed increased symptoms of excess acid somewhat due to reading posts on here and becoming more aware of what was going on.

I have been having daily stomach churning and frequent lump-in-the-throat feeling, I have also been snacking more recently and I realize now that much of it is to soothe these feelings (carby - crackers type things, hard candy) and am unable to tolerate water as well as before - it seems to make things worse.  So, I started on my own about 5 days ago to take OTC omeprazole 20 mg once a day - and have increased it to twice a day due to problems in the evening (12 hours or so after the 1st daily dose) with stomach gurgling and a bit of nausea.  I actually got some relief last night and it was amazing how my urge to keep putting something in my mouth was decreased.

Question is, should I be contacting my surgeon regarding the recent development?

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Yes, call your doc.  My doc told me I could stop taking pepcid ac at 6 months.  I tried it, but after 5 days I could tell I was developing acid stomach, so I went back on.  I still test the waters every now and then, but one pepcid in the morning seems to keep sleevie happy.  Doc said it can be taken permanently if necessary - and it's necessary right now!
Jan G.
on 8/31/11 3:29 am - WI
I was told by my surgeon that the RX Omeprazole 30mg is used for healing as well as controlling acid reflux. AND I was to take it (full tummy or empty) between 5-7pm.

When I took it during THAT time it made a huge difference for me to open up my tummy to get in more fluids/protein.

Good luck..but yes, let his nurse know.

Warmly, Jan

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on 8/31/11 7:29 am
 I woud make an appointment with your doctor.

I recently had this problem and it got so bad so quick that I couldn 't eat or drink anything for a week because I ended up getting multiple ulcers on my esophagus.  

My doctor put me on priolosec twice a day so keep up what you're doing because that will help and just be careful! I don't think i've ever been so miserable :(
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 Thank you all - I called my Dr. and got the approval to use what I have already started using 
with the understanding if it is not better in a week that I come in to see her.  I probably should have gone ahead and went in this Friday, but I am already dealing with having to have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound and I will be seeing her anyway in a week on my Gyn's orders so I really hated to take more time off - but I may still see about going it - what's the difference between 1 whole Friday off from work or 2 half Friday's off....we'll see.  I have already had my 2 doses today without much relief.

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