Always Cold

on 10/6/11 12:03 pm - Bronx, NY
I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Since I've lost weight, I'm always extremely cold. Now that the weather is starting to change, my hands are always like popsicles. Is it just me? Does anyone else have this problem? It was 64 degrees today and I left the house with a jacket and scarf. The sad part was, I wish I had a pair of gloves.

amanda D.
on 10/6/11 12:08 pm - Stayton, OR
Im almost a month out and since i started all of this ive lost 40# and am freezing ALL the time.  I thought it was because of the heparin they have me on still.  but I constantly wear my cardigan lol
on 10/6/11 12:08 pm - MN
Yes, I posted this earlier today. Follow the link to the commentary. You'll have to cut and paste to get to it. 

This is the thread; emperature-A-Core-Factor-In-Obesity/ 

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on 10/6/11 12:09 pm - TX
Yes yes YES!!! I used to sleep in just shorts or underwear... Now I'm sleeping in sweats, socks, tank, under 3 blankets! I get cold at home with the air set on 77...

With weighloss comes hormone changes, plus less insulation, and we have to watch for blood pressure drops too!

I'm anxious to see how I handle the winter! Fortunately for me being in Texas, winter only last like two days... Lol!
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on 10/6/11 1:37 pm - Alvaton, KY
I am over 3 years out now, and I am still cold.  Not as cold as I was in the earlier stages, but much more sensitive to cold than I was when I was obese.

You no longer have as much insulation to keep the body heat in.

That's why things like sweaters were invented, and i have a nice collection of them.

The BIG difference is that depending on the garment, I now purchase either a Medium, or a large, instead of a 5 X.

I would much rather have to put on layers, than be a walking blob.

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on 10/6/11 9:47 pm - OH
I am right there with you, 2 or three days ago it was 70 and I was outside with 3 shirts, a hoodie and a scarf complaining i was cold enough to go back inside... I feel for ya, bc i sooo understand, Im a i over  amonth out and cold all the time day and heater constinatly runs under ym desk at one will even come over by my desk bc its so

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on 10/6/11 10:52 pm
For the last 6 years I have been hot.  Air was always blasting, I never wore a jacket and I slept with the windows open and fan on all year round.  I live in NJ it get's cold in the winter.  Now I'm actually finding myself being cold or chilly.  I closed the windows, turned on the heat, and slept with blankets.  I'm actually looking forward to not sweating all the time and putting on a pretty sweater instead of wearting t-shirts all the time.   Looking forward to not using the hot flash excuse all the time from my face being red and sweaty.
on 10/7/11 1:06 am - MN
I freeze all the time now. Minnesota has been having a beautiful Indian summer after some cold weather. Everyone else broke their capri's and cute sleeveless tops out again, me...I'm wearing a long sleeve sweater, jeans, and boots.

I had to hurry and go buy some warm clothes from my favorite consignmet store, since nothing from last winter fits anymore. I've had to replace all of my shoes since I went down a size and a half...but the cute tall boots I bought at the end of last Winter still fit with a thick pair of socks on.

Stay warm!! Heidi
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on 10/7/11 5:42 am - NC
I am the same. My Mother in law laughed at me last weekend because I had a coat on. She advised that she and my sister in law have brought me several coats and she has never seen me wear any until now. I am cold all of the time and blast the heat whenever I can get a way with it.
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