Asking for prayers......Surgery is tomorrow

on 10/16/11 5:22 am
I can't believe it.  After 6 years of research and preparing, the time is finally here, 6:30AM tomorrow morning.  I'm asking all of you to pray for me to have a successful and complication free surgery.  I also ask for prayer for my family's support as they really don't understand why I am doing this and also to put my daughter's mind at ease.  I have one child and she is 20 years old and she wishes it could be done any other way besides surgery.  I tried to put her mind at ease and not to think the worse but think and pray for the best.  I have to be honest, I am having thoughts to maybe give it one more good try before going under the knife.  I know, if I don't go through with this I will regret it and this maybe the only opportunity I will have to start a new healthy life.  I will keep you all posted.  Thanks for all the advice thus far.  I really appreciate all of you and your kind and honest words.
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on 10/16/11 5:40 am
Best of luck - prayers coming your way!
Paige V.
on 10/16/11 5:44 am - Gainesville, FL
best wishes =) 


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on 10/16/11 5:47 am

Prayer warrior on patrol. Best of luck to you tomorrow

on 10/16/11 6:17 am - GA
VSG on 03/21/12
I will be thinking of your tomorrow and praying for you and your family....
on 10/16/11 6:58 am
Good luck tomorrow and have a speedy recovery

I think you are making your best decision out there to go through with it. I thought about trying it one more time too but after so many times of being unsuccessful I knew it was time.

Anything like me, my surgery was a breeze so far, the first day can be rough and it truly felt like I did way too many sit ups, every day gets better where if you have a drain as soon as they take that out you can't believe the difference. I had mine in for two days and it was like a speedy recovery after it was removed and felt so much more like walking.
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on 10/16/11 7:06 am - CA
I'm so happy your day is finally here!  I'll send love to you and your daughter.  Speedy recovery!
putting one foot in front of the other...        
on 10/16/11 7:43 am - Olympia, WA
Lots of prayers for you and your family!
on 10/16/11 8:11 am
I will pray for you and your family.  You are making a wise decision.  The sleeve makes it so much easier to make the best choices and to become a more healthier and happier you.
My surgery and recovery went very well.  I walked a lot and this truly helps your recovery.
I too thought of one more round with weight loss without surgery and I was overcome with an urgency to move forward with surgery and once my mind was made up, i never looked back and had a true peace about it and have never, ever regretted getting the sleeve.
I was a self pay and it truly was the wisest money I have ever spent!
I am very grateful for this tool that is taking me to a level of healthy conscious eating that I never really experienced.
I wish you the best and just know that you will be fine and on your way to the new fabulous you!!!  Hugs!
Twizzled D.
on 10/16/11 8:17 am
 Best of luck to you and wishes for a speedy, painless recovery!!!