Another appointment, Another hoop to jump through

on 5/13/12 1:07 pm - Dunlap, TN
Tuesday from 1pm to 4:30 at the weight managment center.  An Appointment with the MDT, Multi-Disciplinarian Team.  Have no clue what all t his includes except maybe the nutritionist. 

You guys have been great helping me find info and getting questions answered.  Thanks a bunch.

What happens with the MDT?
on 5/14/12 1:14 pm
VSG on 07/10/12
 I think it's different for everyone Zeke.  My MDT doesn't all sit down at once to discuss things.  For my insurance, I have to see my surgeon, the nurse, the Nut & my Primary care doctor once per month for 3 months straight.  I also had to join a gym and have my exercise initialed everytime I went and I had to go a minimum of 3 times per week for 30 minutes each time for 3 months straight.  

Mostly when I first went in, they did the history, weight, blood pressure, before pictures, set me up on a diet and explained what I needed to do to get approved for surgery.  They gave me hand-outs and scripts for a ton of stuff (blood work, sleep study, PT evaluation, psych evaluation) and had me complete them at my leisure.  I think they wanted to see how dedicated I was.  I had most of them complete within the first month.  Now I'm just finishing up my exercise plan and they're going to end up doing a presurgical team approach too.  I can't wait!
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