on 6/21/12 5:41 am
VSG on 04/17/12
Has anyone had sciatica pre-op that got better as they lost weight?
on 6/21/12 11:07 am
Mine got so much worse!  My friend said it was my weight shifting.  Now over 150 pounds later, it is better. -not gone yet, but rarely an issue.  At it worse, I sometimes limped and often was forced to sit, and stretching was not working. Now I go days without noticing it, and stretching does help.  It is never disruptive anymore. I did see a post months ago that someone else's eventually just went away.
Pre-liquid diet 392; VSG'd on 6/10/11; 5'9"; SW 368/ GW 195?
Pounds lost: mth1=26.7; mth 2=21.2; mth 3=24.8; mth 4=13.8; mth 5=14.2;  
            mth 6=11.8; mth 7=9.2; mth 8&9= 17.2    
on 6/21/12 12:53 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12
 I had a sudden sciatica flare up on my vacation in Mexico last year. I bent over to open the dresser drawer while changing, and I wa**** with the terrible pain. I spent the last 2 days of my vacation in agony and had to be heavily medicated with pain meds for the plane ride home. I went straight to my chiropractor, who helped me with some stretches as well. He also recommended hot baths with Epsom salts. Thankfully, mine resolved itself after 3 weeks. This was pre-op so I don't know if losing weight will hel*****t. It was horrible, and I hope to never have to experience that again. I feel for you.

HW: 235   SW:227   Preopw:218   GW:120   HT:5'3  
Nadurra Deb
on 6/21/12 1:31 pm - CO
VSG on 08/06/12
Now here is an issue i had not even thought of that just could rear it's ugly head through this process. I had some bad sciatica issues during pregnancies. It has not been an issue for me recently but it was for me for years...especially if I sat on hard surfaces for a long time or in a car, driving mainly. I w0nder if once I have lost my extra padding if that could cause that to come back for me? Good question!


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on 6/22/12 6:28 am
VSG on 04/17/12
Thanks for the responses.  Since my surgery two months ago, mine has gotten so much worse. I had an mri the other day now I'm waiting to find out when I can see the pain management dr.
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