Old OH member here...VSG on Monday! LapBand was removed in May.

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VSG on 08/13/12
 Hello...I've been reading a lot today! I haven't posted since March? of 2008, about 6 months after I got my Band. The Band worked great for me, having lost about 75 lbs in under a year. Not near my goal weight, but enough for a total lifestyle change. And it worked great, until it didn't. A slip caused me to not be able to eat anything at all for quite some time. My surgeon removed the band in May. Upon appeal, I got approval for revision to VSG. 

My surgery is Monday! My surgeon is a big proponent of the Sleeve, and has totally 180'd on the band since 5 years ago when I got mine. Of course, the industry as a whole has changed, too. Then, it was RNY or Band; insurance wouldn't pay anything else hardly.

So, I guess I'm ready. I just had "fat summer," as I've been calling it. Had all my band fluid removed last October; weight started slowly appearing. After Band removal, and with a super busy work schedule this summer, I've regained a total of @50 lbs of my original loss. I'm NOT USED TO IT!! So not used to being this fat again! I can't bend my knees without pain. Started taking the elevator at work..I never used to do that.

Fat Summer has taught me that WLS is worth it for me. I've been fat my entire life. I'm an older mommy with younger kids, and I need to live for them. I spent a few months thinking I could be one of those people on the Joy Club on the Today Show and take off weight myself after the Band. It only took a couple of months to realize I couldn't.

Any advice welcomed!
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Welcome to the happy forum.

I love your very honest post. The Band is meant to be temporary and you got everything you could from it.

The Band-to-Sleeve Revision folks definitely have their own point of view on WLS. Personally, I've found their views to be incredibly helpful.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the Sleeve, I think.

Best wishes to you on this new journey.

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Missey J.
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Welcome back ! Hugs and prayers for tomorrow.

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