Just had a sleeve. Can't eat food at all

on 11/11/12 3:35 am - United Kingdom

Just had a sleeve. It's 2days after op and I am home but I don't want to eat. The water I am drinking is making me feel bloated and don't want to eat food or physically I can't. Has anyone shared this problem 


on 11/11/12 8:51 am - Nashville, TN
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your stomach could still be swollen. as long as you can and DO drink as much water as you can,don't worry about the food right now. You worst enemy right now is dehydration.


Have you tried any flavorings in your water,even a squeeze of lemon or lime? sometimes plain water doesn't sit well early post VSG. I still can't drink a lot of plain water at 3 years out.


If the water stops going down,notify your surgeon immediately. you might have developed a stricture. GL




on 11/11/12 9:04 am
VSG on 11/05/12

Powerade Zero has been my friend-room temp. GL!


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on 11/11/12 9:19 am
VSG on 10/09/12
Sip a lot of liquids...water, chrystal light, gatorade or powerade zero, diet snapple, whatever you can find with zero carbs and zero calories in the UK. Chicken, beef or vegetable broth. Water with some flavouring, tea...you need to concentrate on working up to the daily minimum of 64 oz (almost 1800 ml). Dehydration is to be avoided!! On the not being able to eat...well...that sort of is the idea!! You will be able to, once the swelling goes down from surgery. Did your doctor give you a food progression chart? Like X days of clear liquids (water, tea, everything listed above), followed by full liquids, purees, mushies or soft foods, solids?

If you cannot keep water down call your doctor!!!

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on 11/11/12 3:56 pm - United Kingdom

Thank you for all these replays I feel a lot better as whilst in hospital I was pressured to eat yogurts and soup which I don't want just yet. I will explore a bit more with liquids today so it's not jus****er. The water goes down ok but fills me up as if I've just eaten a big dinner. Thanks again for your messages

on 11/11/12 10:16 pm, edited 11/11/12 10:17 pm - CA
VSG on 01/12/12

It's not a problem.....you should not be wanting to eat anything at 2 days out.  You need fluids....thats it.  Dehydration is a tricky thing......it makes you want to drink even less the more dehydrated you get.

Force fluids down....take a shot glass and try to drink a little bit every 15 mins....just drops literally and you need to do this all day.  It will be hard....things are swollen and it hurts...but if you don't....you are writing yourself a admission to your local emergency room.

The feeling of fullness from water is what you should expect for a long time.....just a single bite will feel like " a big dinner" for quite some time.  This is what having a sleeve is like!  Good luck!

on 11/11/12 10:27 pm - United Kingdom

Thanks I will keep doing this 

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