Preparing for stage 3 diet

on 11/24/12 5:46 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

I am so ready to move on to a soft diet!

Things have been going well, I feel great and head back to work on Monday.  Blood sugar levels remain normal off meds and the scale has shown a nice loss  :) I am happy to be feeling so well and have no worries about how quickly the lbs come off.

Protein has been a struggle- all the protein powders/puddings I used pre-op taste terrible to me now and I've been averaging about 40-50 grams per day.  Heading out tomorrow to get some fruit flavored Syntrex to try that.  Also going shopping for veggies to make pureed soups!  I have plenty of eggs, tuna, light string cheese, greek yogurt and black beans on hand, will get some fresh fish during the week as well.  My husband will enjoy most of this with me, along with salad (which I miss!) and probably a grain.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to eating:) I DO feel hungry and I miss cooking.  Looking forward to preparing some healthy foods in healthy portions, but with strong flavors to keep me interested and satisfied. As far as head hunger, that will be a work in progress I know I can make anything I cook taste very good, but I do mourn things I know I will be keeping away from for a very long time...biting into a fresh apple, crunching on something, etc. Working on those feelings.

Any other suggestions for soft diet from vets welcome.  Hope everyone else from November surgeries is feeling well too!