Face pics, 2 weeks out

Taelor S.
on 12/5/12 10:23 am - IN

Well, the second picture was taken the day I started my pre-op diet, so I guess technically the pics are a month apart.  Still, the difference is shocking to me.  This is just 20 lbs difference.  The very bottom was taken last week, when I was one week out from surgery.


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This was taken earlier today


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I wish I could get them side by side, but the fact that these even posted (hopefully!) is good enough for my limited computer skills!


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[link=http://www.3fatchicks.com/] [image noborder]http://www.3fatchicks.net/img/bar-leopard/cartoonstar01/lb/374/175/339/.png[/image][/link]

LindaDarnell B.
on 12/5/12 10:33 am
VSG on 08/07/12

wow! you look great! keep it up

~Regena from SC: /Surgery Weight 317/Highest Weight 321

on 12/5/12 10:35 am
VSG on 11/14/12

Great work!  I can see a big difference in just two weeks!  Keep it up!


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on 12/5/12 10:37 am - IL
VSG on 12/04/12
You're right--the difference in your face is striking. Wish I had taken more pictures. I'm just so used to avoiding cameras that I didn't think about it. Great early success for you--keep up the good work!
on 12/5/12 10:38 am - CA
VSG on 11/26/12

You're looking great! Amazing progress in two weeks! :-)


Michael L.
on 12/5/12 11:41 am - Fall River, MA
What an amazing difference

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