itchy palms and skin is this mulnatrician

on 1/8/13 1:29 am - United Kingdom

I had my VSG in November. I've been doing ok and since my pre op assessment on 27th Oct I have lost 23KG. I was taking vitamins but for a reason i cant explain i have stopped for about a week. Today the palms of my hands have been very itchy and a bit patchy in some places. Its also quite itchy between some fingers. Is this some sort of malnutrition and deficiency of some sort. Has anyone experienced this or has any idea what deficiency it may be if it is one. Ive taken my multivitamins now so i'll let you know if i notice a difference

on 1/8/13 1:54 am
VSG on 12/28/12

Sounds like an allergic reaction to something.

on 1/8/13 1:59 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

are you drinking enough water ?

 youi may need more fat in your diet ask you nut


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on 1/8/13 2:52 am

You might simply have a case of eczema.  I developed a little on my face and after a few days of prescription cream, it's gone. 


on 1/8/13 3:14 am - United Kingdom

thank you all. i think i just paniced and assumed it was linked. i will go check it out

Ann M.
on 1/8/13 7:02 am - Salisbury, NC
VSG on 11/21/12

I was amazed to see your post - I too had surgery in Nov on the 21st. I haven't stopped my vits, but my arms itch. Constantly. I found out it was because I changed sizes of sweatshirts - from 3x down to 1x and they fit so well I'm not used to the material that close to my skin. I was so embarrassed for the Doc to tell me this when I went in thinking I had some kind of rash I couldn't see!! LOL!! What a problem!!


on 1/8/13 7:53 am - United Kingdom

I did drop one size but still a way to get to 3xxxl for me. Don't think it was this for me as its mainly my palms of my hands. 


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