What is going on with me!!!!!!

on 3/11/13 11:13 pm - NY

This Saturday makes three years since having my surgery, and for the last two weeks I have been eating like a pig!!!  I have gained 6 lbs (I know doesn't seem like a lot but 6 can go to 10 and so on and so on) and I am really getting nervous and scared that I will slowly blow up to my original 267 lbs. (current weight 156).  It's like I can't stop, I start out the day with following the rules and then as the day progresses I start eating and snacking on all the wrong things.  Yes I know there are good protein items out there but my mind is not looking for that - it wants chips and sweets, and carbs.

AHHHHHHHHHHH  I need some encouragement fast!! 



on 3/11/13 11:20 pm - GA

I went through that this weekend, although I am nowhere near maintenance. The biggest advice I can give? Discipline! If you have to, get rid of the junk! I have been craving chocolate like crazy, thanks to hormones, so I just switched my protein shakes to chocolate ones.

Get yourself back into weightloss mode. Track your foods and fluids!

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on 3/11/13 11:22 pm - CO


What IS going on? I can tell you that my recent ****ty eating isn't because I'm happy or because the stock market's up. I am a stress eater. Which means I have to find something else to do. I have to talk about the stuff that's bothering me. I have to make a list (I love lists). I have to plan the day. Getting some control back is what helps me.

Get to the bottom of what's going on.

I'm committing to today. Just today. I'll figure out tomorrow when it comes.

You can do this. Be honest with yourself about why you are eating crap food. Make a plan to stop. Recommit to the plan at each meal. It's just for one day. Worry about tomorrow when it's today.

Read Elina's post about carrying the baby and chucking the firewood - can't remember the title of the post. It's another gem from her. Actually, you should join me in stalking her on the forum.  

Just do today.

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on 3/11/13 11:25 pm - NY

Thanks, I know it's time to look deep inside and figure out why I am eating out of control lately.  It's just so damn easy to pick up that donut then looking at the truth!  But you're right, I need to get control of myself again I never want to be what I was before.



on 3/12/13 12:44 am

I would do something drastic like go on a protein shake only diet.  NO food at all until you've regained some control.  Just to stop the slippery slide until your head is back on straight. 

Keith L.
on 3/12/13 1:53 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12

Try eliminating the bad things from your pool of options.When you do reach for a snack, pick something you find satisfying that isn't bad. Instead of chips try lentil chips stuff like that.

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on 3/12/13 1:56 am - NY

Thanks.  I know I keep telling myself if I don't buy it I won't eat it!!  I think what happens is not having all the "bad" stuff for so long I'm just going through this I want to eat everything stage (I hope).  It's just so easy to go back to the old ways.  Sad thing is I'm not even hungry - I just want to eat.  Uuuuuggghhhhhh


Keith L.
on 3/12/13 2:28 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12

Dig a little deeper. What else is going on? When I get like that its because of stress or fighting with my wife or too much work, not enough sleep. Several factors. Figure out what is going on with you and fix it. Did you have a therapist before your surgery? maybe make an appointment with them to have a chat. Try going to a support group. Sounds like you have an issue other than physical.

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on 3/12/13 3:14 am - NY

I know, I think lack of sleep and boredom is getting to me.  I haven't been to a support group in a long time, but plan on going next week.  I need to meet with some of the others who had surgery around my time and see if they are having issues as me.  Never had a therapist, but lately have been thinking of seeing one - have gone through a lot of medical issues lately which have brought me down.  thanks again for your input.


on 3/12/13 2:35 am
VSG on 02/05/13

If you are eating a lot of carbs, the carb monster has got you. You need to detox and probably go on a back to basics diet. I am not so far out but I was a HUGE carb person, and now, after detoxing - I dont crave it at all, which is AMAZING. You can do this...good luck!



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