Have not posted in a while

on 5/15/13 8:21 pm - Browns Mills, NJ

I have been real buy but I wanted to say had surgery on 12/5/2012 started at 356 as of this morning I am 244.  Feel like I have so much more energy.

And in 20 hours I leave for a wife and me vacation to Disney


on 5/15/13 9:51 pm - Parsippany, NJ
VSG on 03/05/13

Hello fellow NJ-ian....WOW  great job!!  congrats to you!!  I bet Disney will be alot more fun, you'll have so much more energy!!  I'll be there next week, I can't wait to see/feel the difference from last years trip.  Enjoy!!


HW 275 SW 246 CW 162.5  GW 150  ( 5'1"  Over 1 1/2 inch lost in the last few yrs! LOL) lost 50 lbs on my own, stable for 3 yrs, gained back 21 during year b4 surgery.

on 5/15/13 10:09 pm - Miami, FL
VSG on 01/28/13

Congrats! Say hi to Mickey for us!



on 5/16/13 12:33 am - CA

WOW that's great! Congrates on the weight lose!!

 Have a great trip & just think of all the calories you'll burn running around Disney!!