What's going on????

on 12/30/13 12:55 am

Sleeved on the 17th.  I was doing GREAT!  Had my 1 week post-op appt. and dr. was very pleased.  Bowels were working great.  No signs of dehydration.  I was moved to puree and dr. said to progress to the next level as I could.

Saturday, we went to Taco Bell.  I ordered re-fried beans with a little sour cream.  I knew from the first baby bite that I was in trouble.  All night long, I had horrible belly pain.  I would walk when I could and it helped...a lot.  Sun. morning I felt 100% better.  I started my routine.  I took 1 sip of water and it came back up.....fast!  So, I took it easy all day.  I drank very slowly and didn't eat until dinner time.  I had made oven steak with mashed potatoes for the fam.  I got a tablespoon of mashed potatoes and a little mushroom gravy.  It went down fine and stayed down.  I thought I was over whatever was going on.  This morning I started my routine all over again.  I took a couple of sips of water and it came right back up.  I've felt sick to my stomach all day, tired, achy, etc. Bowels aren't producing anything.  Does this sound normal or should I call the dr?  Am I hurting myself by not eating?

on 12/30/13 1:27 am - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
I would call the doctor and let him know what is going on. I think maybe the taco bell was a little rough on your stomach. I would go with pureed chicken or tuna without a lot of seasoning.

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Chrissy W.
on 12/30/13 1:29 am - Indianapolis, IN
VSG on 07/01/13

With sudden changes, always call the doctor. That's why they get paid the big bucks: to be at our beckon call :) Better to be safe than sorry. I hope things are resolved soon!!

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on 12/30/13 1:36 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

I would call the Dr.  Hopefully it is a virus and nothing serious.  laugh

Toni Dallison

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on 12/30/13 2:48 am - McDonough, GA
VSG on 10/03/12

Hopefully you just angered your sleeve and it needs more time to calm down. Refried beans were so difficult for me to digest even at 8 weeks out. My doctor kept recommending them to me at 7 weeks out and I tried a couple times but even just one bite felt like a huge rock in my new tummy. I am in agreement to let your doctor know. Take care.

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