Week Six

on 9/15/14 12:08 am
VSG on 08/04/14

Woo Hoo! Week 6 from my VSG and I am feeling closer to great. Scratch that... give me great! I'm still learning my sleeve but I am getting such a benefit from it. I am down 41.75 pounds from my highest weight recorded by the surgeon (255). This includes 13 pounds from pre-op. I am ahead of my own goal of 10 pounds a month for the next year. I'm getting my body into clothes that I haven't worn in years. People are beginning to notice and give compliments and ask questions. I'm in the gym and finding that I am weak. I am JUST getting over my leg regimen from Thursday. I did too much but I'm not stopping! My pooping is back on track. You would be amazed how crappy you feel if you are full of crap.

I'm just so thankful for this chance to get my health in order. These six weeks went by quickly. Because I remember sitting on the couch early on trying to figure out what the hell did I get myself in to. I wanted to cry but I was too weak to muster up any tears. Then I remembered that "this too shall pass". And darn if it didn't.

I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks have to offer!


Tracy D.
on 9/15/14 12:11 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

You're doing great - keep up the good work!  

 Tracy  5'3"     HW: 235  SW: 218  CW: 132    M1: -22  M2: -13  M3: -12  M4: -9  M5: -8   M6: -10   M7: -4

 Goal reached in 7 months and 1 week

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on 10/4/14 9:17 am - sherman, TX

Glad to see this.  I am going on a cruise about 6/7 weeks after sleeve.  Wasn't sure if I would feel well enough.   Glad you are doing great.