Stomach Pulling?

on 10/28/14 4:19 pm - Canada
VSG on 09/23/14

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been doing well since their surgeries and are finding great success. I had my surgery on Sept 23 2014, and to make a long story short I went back into surgery on Sept 24 2014 due to bleeding and ended up on life support for a little over a day. Still hard to imagine. A little challenging yes, but I'm pretty good at staying optimystic. I am still having some great pain on my left side in the stomach area. It's not there all of the time but I feel like there is a pulling and it sometimes burns. Has anyone else experienced this? I saw my surgeon on the 20th of October and she assured me this was normal and it was going to take a little longer for me to heal due to the fact they had to go through the muscle twice. She checked for hernia's and said I was fine. I'm a little reserved about this since it's been over a month now and I'm getting pain as though I've just had the surgery. It would be a great help to hear any feed back. Thanks so much in advance. Lynn

Dawn ..
on 10/28/14 8:33 pm - MI
VSG on 09/23/14

I am so sorry you had to go through a second surgery. I hope you are on your way to recovery. My surgery was on the 23rd too. I had an incision that wasn't healimg, and it is still tender. I get itching, pulling and burning in some of the incisions. I think it is because there are several layers of skin and muscle that are healing under the incisions.

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VSG on 08/06/14

Glad you're on the mend now! How scary!

I had one incision that felt just like you're describing at four weeks too. I was told this was normal. It went away in a couple of weeks.  Good luck!


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Valerie G.
on 10/29/14 12:58 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I noticed a similar sensation when I came back to work 8 weeks post op.  I thought something terrible was happening, but after the doc said it was normal, I narrowed down the root cause to my swiveling office chair.

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on 10/29/14 2:15 pm
VSG on 10/02/14

Since my surgery I have had 3 bouts of bleeding. Not sure if it is because I'm off the pill after being on it for a long time. Can I ask how you knew about the bleeding. Was it very heavy? I'm starting to get nervous about mine 


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on 10/30/14 5:16 pm - Canada
VSG on 09/23/14

Hi...I'm sorry you're experiencing some issues? I'm not sure we are talking about the same kind of bleeding? Are you referring to a cycle? Mine was because of a clot that had developed after surgery, I was experiencing more pain then I should have. They sent me for an MRI and the surgeon, from past symptoms said it sounded like there was a leak on the inside. Turns out it was a blood clot that had developed and bled out. So mine was due to the actually surgery. If you're talking about your cycle, you may want to have that checked out, and yes it may be because you've been off the pill, not to mention there is a lot of things that need to time to re adjust after surgery ...good luck :) with everything

on 11/4/14 1:34 am - Turner Valley, Canada


i am still in the process of selecting a surgeon,   Can you tell me what Dr you used?

thanks lavonne