Joint and Back Pain Relief

on 6/17/15 2:02 pm

Hello, all.  What do you all do for joint and back pain relief?  Surgeon said no more ibuprofen, only tylenol, and I've found that tylenol only really works for me for headaches.  I know there's been dicussions about ibuprofen being fine to take, but being only 3 months post-op I'm going with the surgeon's recs.  Thanks for any help! 

VSG:  3/12/15

on 6/17/15 4:30 pm - Vancouver, WA

It might help some to see a chiroptactor and a masseuse to get everything re-alligned. If you have lost much weight your body's center of gravity may have changed. If it is a chronic issue you may have to check with a pain clinic to see what else can be used, they have lots of alternate drugs that could be used to stop the pain. Even your primary doc may have some suggestions.

on 6/18/15 7:15 am

I did see a Chiro. but it didn't really help.  Plus, I'm just talking bout minor aches and pains.  The stuff that is uncomfortable but lasts a little too long to just ignore.  Will try to talk to the PCP, thanks.

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on 6/17/15 5:46 pm
VSG on 12/29/14

I took ibuprofen for years, 800 mg several times a day.  I said Tylenol did not work for me either.  Since surgery it has worked for the fewer aches and pains.  BUT, losing 85 pounds so far has been the best cure for my aches and pains!

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on 6/18/15 7:17 am

See, this is what I thought would happen.  I have actually had more aches and pains since losing 55 pounds.  And I'm not really exercising all that much more.  I know its just my body adjusting to a knew way of doing things, but it's super annoying. 

VSG:  3/12/15

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