Something that's starting to help with head hunger...sort of...

Sarah M.
on 10/10/15 9:30 am, edited 10/11/15 8:20 am - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
VSG on 01/19/15

Ten months post-op, I've become quite adept at eating protein first, establishing an exercise habit, and getting in liquids. But for all the progress, the head hunger beasties have returned (as all the vets told me they would.)

I adhere to the basic rules - no sugar/low carb/no alcohol/no bringing crap into the house. I have a full team in place that are committed to my success (therapist, trainer, zumba! teacher, supportive friends who go to an exercise class with me instead of out drinking, a husband who tries to make post-surgery life as successful as he can for me.) This has worked, as this morning I weighed in at 162 -- down 100lb from my pre-surgical diet weigh-in.

I still struggle with not over-eating, even on some of the healthy foods in the house (greek yogurt, nuts, etc.) So one thing my therapist suggested was the Headspace meditation app. I am not really the meditation type, despite living in Northern California. I have "a very rich inner life" (words from my kindergarten teacher 40 years ago) and can't pay attention without lots of Adderall. I tried it anyway, and I'm finding it useful (day 17.) It's ten minutes a day (I do it first thing in the morning) and it's this British guy, Andy.

He talks about observing your thoughts, not judging them, not acting on them. Jus****ching them like clouds drifting across the sky or cars driving down a road. Nothing to do, jus****ching them pass. Not judging them. Just observing them. I'm trying to do that with head hunger urges, and it's worked a couple of times. The more I practice, the easier it sometimes gets.

The first ten meditations are free, but then it's like $7 a month (which is much cheaper than my weekly therapist bill!)

Note: I don't work for the company, I don't get free stuff from them, I don't know them, I'm just finding it helpful for me so I thought I'd pass it on. :)

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on 10/10/15 3:04 pm

I am a big believer in meditation, and find it very helpful for sure. You might enjoy the "Buddify" app (android for sure, not sure about iOS). It is under 5 bucks, and you can use it when you find you have just a couple minutes here and there. Terrific little app!

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Sarah M.
on 10/12/15 7:16 am - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
VSG on 01/19/15

I'll look for that app, too! I'm quite taken with Andy right now, but something that has a few minutes for when I'm all wound up at work would be really helpful!

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on 10/11/15 5:14 pm
VSG on 12/11/14

I am a therapist and actually incorporate mindfulness meditation into my practice. It is immensely helpful. I could go into all the reasons why it really works (I have had a paper published on the exact topic) but all that matters is that you have food something that works for you. That is great! Congratulations on your progress.



Sarah M.
on 10/12/15 7:15 am - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
VSG on 01/19/15

I appreciate the encouragement & validation! I'm starting to learn that it's about the journey as much as the number on the scale. I don't know how I missed that part in the previous 30+ years of being on diets/weight loss programs... :)

Thanks again for your kind words.

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