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VSG on 01/25/16 with

Hello fellow sleevers- I am one week post op and so far no medical people have asked me my goal weight.  I had planned to shrug and say "it's up to God".  But it is encouraging to see so many of you hitting your goal I am thinking that I should have a goal weight.  .so here are my questions:

1) would you recommend that I select a goal weight?

2) how should I pick a goal weight?  

The lowest I weighed as an adult (141)

the weight I always returned to after a diet (when young) 170

the lowest I returned to (once I had gone over 200) 170

the lowest I've weighed in 20 years? 220

My gut is saying 155.  No idea why. 

Age 60, height 5'5", HW 285, Surgery weight 270.

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VSG on 05/27/15

Hello Wild !

     Our starting stats are very similar.  I can only tell you my process. My surgeon wanted me at 155.  I wanted a BMI in the healthy range, so 149 or below. As I moved below 155, my PCP and my surgeon said they didn't want me below 145.  Under 145, 135 started to look good to me.  I shifted my target from 140-145 to 135-140.  At about 141, I had a BOD POD body composition analysis done, which found I have 22.3 % body fat, well into the lean range for a 60 year old.  I was at 750-800 calories a day, and hung at 139 for over a week.  Clothes size continued dropping as my physical activity increased. I felt I needed more calories, carbs and healthy fat to sustain my new healthy lifestyle. I have "called maintenance" with a 139-144 target range. My upper red line is 145.  If I hit that, back into weight loss mode I go. As I slowly add 100 calories back  a week, to find my "maintenance sweet spot", I'm okay moving toward 135, and depending on how I feel, I may adjust my target range down.

     It is not a finite process.  I love the idea of mini-goals,  a four to five pound target range, and an "upper red line".  I also recommend measurements and a DEXA or Bod Pod body composition analysis as a baseline, as BMI/weight isn't everything.

     Good luck !!   You can do this !!


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VSG on 08/04/15

I'm 59 and 5' 5" also, and I set my goal at 145, because at that point I will no longer be overweight.  I originally set it at my doctor's goal of 150, but would still be in the overweight range.  I've been overweight or obese my whole life, so being a normal weight would be wonderful.

Goal weight is very personal, and you and doctor should be in charge of setting it for you.

5' 5" tall. VSG on August 4, 2015/ Starting weight 239.9/ Surgery weight 210.9/ Current weight 137.4/ Goal weight 140/ No longer overweight, now a NORMAL weight. Now that I'm at goal, it's time to move on to maintenance!!!!!!!!




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VSG on 10/15/12

A good place to start is the weight that will put you at the top end of a normal BMI.  As you get closer, say within 10 pounds of that weight, you can assess whether that is too low or too high for you.  A DEXA Scan can be very helpful in determining your final goal weight.  Lots of people who get to normal BMI choose to take their weight lower, but that's not a decision you need to make now.  



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My docs never asked me for one either. Nor did they give me one.

I'm 4 years out and have had a flexible goal weight during this 4 years (not counting my regain). My goal weight fluctuated from 170 to 188. 

I find that I prefer to be around the 180 mark on an emotional level, but I'm perfectly healthy and trim at 188. It's all about what works for you once you have attained a level of health that is acceptable to both you and your medical team. 

I think that a goal weight of 155 to start, given your stats is great. However, don't set that number in stone. You will have to "try on" your goal weight as it comes. If you find you'd like to go lower, go lower. 

Whatever you do, don't go into premature maintenance thinking you'll try on a weight for a few months and then go back to losing if you want to go lower. Once you start adding back in calories, it's hard to reduce again. Use the time post WLS to your fullest advantage. 

Enjoy the ride! 

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At 5'5" 150 pounds gives you a BMI of 24.9.  That is a high as you can be without being overweight.  That is where to set your goal now.  Not having a goal is like taking a trip and not knowing where you are going.

Set a goal now and you will always know how close you are.

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RNY on 07/23/14

I think you set a goal based on what is the top of a normal BMI...then you reevaluate as you get closer... you may go lower or in my case realized higher was more reasonable. I also went for Body fat testing- you can read about it on my OH blog- The bodyfat testing is what made me change my goal. Mini goals along the way kept me going...

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

Goal reached 17 months. 220lb Weight Loss
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VSG on 01/25/16 with

Thank you everyone!!  You all said thing I hadn't even thought of!  I want to be in the normal range (for assorted reasons). So  I will set my goal at 145.  That seems absolutely impossible....but I will make that my goal....and make myself know it IS possible as I move forward!  I love the advice to not "try on " higher weights!  And I love the 150 and keep it simple....but I want to be sure my goal is normal for my height. I have always been 5'6" until I went in for surgery and they measured me at 5'5".  Wth?!  I had her do it twice, too!  I didn't feel bent over but I was carrying a lot of weight on bad knees!  Maybe I will become 5'6" again too   Thanks!

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VSG on 02/18/15

I set my goal at 150 and I am only a few pounds away from that. Once I hit that I may look at changing my goal to 140 and then start weight training to build up my muscle. I told myself that 150 is the top weight I will EVER let myself get back too. I'm scheduling to have a DEXA scan soon so that I can see what my body fat and muscle percentage is now. Good luck to you!!!

Height: 5'5" HW: 278.2; SW: 268.2; CW: 175.6

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