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VSG on 03/11/15

I am back in Southern California until mid April.  Feels great getting back into the gym and more of a regular routine.  I had a pleasant surprise the other day.  I was getting out a pair of black capri workout pants that I had brought with me.  Boy, they looked really big.  I looked at the size.  Haha.  size 3x my old size that was snug.  I put them on and they slid right off.  Wow.. Feels great for sure.  Daughter and I went to Sam's Club today for a few groceries.  Another haha.  no such thing as a few from there.  Anyway, I got my first real pair of workout stretchy capris, sz xl.  Still need longer shirts due to the "apron" we ladies of weight get.  But feeling good about life right now.  Thanks all of you just because you are you and wonderful support team.  I don't post often lately (too much going on) but do come in here about every day just to see what's happening.  Have a wonderful week my friends.. Pam



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Awesome NSV!

Highest Weight: 565 pounds (around 1999), Highest BMI: 94

Pre-op Weight: 476.40 pounds (2 weeks before {05/25/2010} VSG surgery), Pre-op BMI: 79.3

Lowest Weight: 153.5 pounds (as of 07/10/2013), Lowest BMI: 25.5

Current Weight: 350.75546 pounds (351 lb 0 oz./159.1 kilograms (as of 04/22/2019), Current BMI: 58.3