on 5/5/16 9:04 am - NC
VSG on 03/11/15

Boy that was a heavy great article opening page today.  I can realte it to life in general not just for us WLS or  obese people.  I sent the link to the article to both of my daughters, one is very overweight and the other was a personal trainer who has the metabolism of a jackrabbit(?).. She can eat anything but intensely works out at least 5 days a week.  So it isn't just for us, it can apply to life in general.  It hit home in a lot of ways.  Pass it on to anyone that you love.  Who knows what lies deep within their "emotional depoitory" that they won'e let anyone, sometimes even themselves, to explore.  

I am finally back home in NC from my hiatus in California for almost 3 months.  Time to get my head back into the game and get back on track.  Didn't do too bad though.  Through it all, put on about 7lbs.  Have already dropped 1.8 of those lbs.  Been home a week and half.  Soooo.. I'M BACKKKKK.. 

BTW.. Good morning to y'all.. Huggs Pam