Pre OP diet ( How long and consisted of what?)

Darcy G.
on 5/9/16 5:46 pm
VSG on 04/07/16

My pre-op diet lasted 17 days, and was this:

  • Breakfast: Low cal/low carb/high protein shake
  • Lunch: Ditto
  • Snack: Allowed one other shake if needed
  • Dinner: 3 oz lean meat + a salad with a list of allowable veggies and a low carb salad dressing.
  • Other snacks: Allowed as much broth, sugar-free jello and sugar-free popsicles as I could stand(which wasn't much)
  • My calories never went over 800, no matter how big I made that one allowable salad with scads of mixed greens and raw mushrooms(my ingredients of choice)
  • So much water/Crystal Light that I probably spent an hour doing nothing but peeing everyday!

I'd hoped to lose lots in this 17 day protein-shake marathon, but I only lost about 10 pounds overall.

Good luck! :)

Program Start Weight 346 | Surgery Weight 282 | CW 217 | 5'-6.3"

High Weight 376, about a year before program. I gave up diet pop(and all pop), dropped 30 pounds without trying, and kept it off. Now convinced Carbonated Beverages. Are. Evil.

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on 5/9/16 6:15 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

I had to buy their food to eat for 2 weeks. It was 900 calories  then nothing to eat after 6 pm the night before surgery. No water after midnight.

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