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on 2/6/18 1:48 pm - Irvine, CA

In an effort to make ObesityHelp better for all of our members, we want to remind everyone about our Terms of Services. Recent postings were counterproductive to our mission to provide a supportive environment for all. There have been unfortunate incidents of personal attacks. Personal attacks are construed as name-calling, being hateful, threatening, harassing or attacking a member personally rather than challenging a member's views or position in an appropriate and respectful way. Keep comments on the subject, not the person.

It is the purpose of ObesityHelp that you have the opportunity to obtain support and education along with the exchange of information in our community. At ObesityHelp, you have a place where your voice can be heard but it will be shared among many voices and opinions of other members. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post within our Terms of Service.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and being a member of our community.

ObesityHelp Management and Member Services Team

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