Surgery 10 year Anniversary 2009, Expecting to get the Revision

A. Quezada
on 2/7/19 11:41 pm

hello everyone! This is my 10th year with my VSG and when I first got it I lost 120 lbs. Then I gained it all back because I had bad eating habits as a child. keep in mind I was only 19 when I received my VSG. Now I cant hold up a job, I developed diabetes, I suffer from Bipolar disorder, I have trouble breathing, and I have stress more often. I really need help. I feel like my hope is hanging by a thread. :(

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/8/19 5:44 am

Hi, I am sorry you are struggling.

Do you know if your sleeve is still working? Do you get restriction when you eat dense proteins? I know that when I eat clean - proteins, then done fats and veggies - I can get full very fast and stay full.

We had different surgeries, but eating salads makes me hungry for more food. Salads never gave me the ,"I am full and satisfied" feeling that I get from eating beef or pork and a few bites of roasted veggies. I still sometimes eat salads because it helps my appetite. Really.

When I gained 25 lbs, and decided to clean my diet and lose it - the loss started nicely, but after the first week when I lost 4 lbs, I could lose up to 1 lb a week. I had some soup stalls when I didn't lose anything, even though I followed good diet. But I was determined, and so far I am down 20 lbs. In 3-4 months. Losing the regain can be very very slow. And even if you get a revision, the weight loss after revision is often much slower than from a virgin surgery.

Exercise can help by stimulating the body to build and retain muscles. But to really lose weight, we need to follow a very strict diet.

My motto is "A day at a time, and a meal at a time". When I decided to lose the regain, I did wait "till Monday", or "tell 1st of the month", I started that day, that meal. In my last 4 months I had meals that were not planned, or good to me losing weight. But I corrected that the very next meal. I didn't tell myself "today is ruined, so I can eat whatever". I went back on plan during the very next meal.

"Diet" I am on is one that I can be on for a long time. When I reach my goal, this is going to be my permanent diet- type of eating. I may add a serving of fruit, or a few nuts to stop losing. But I will not get into "a reward meal" mode because I reached goal.

Good luck. To look for ideas what to eat and how much - look at the daily post about food people eat. If you see something you like, ask where the person bought it or ask for a recipe how to make it. Be proactive.

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Mary Gee
on 2/10/19 12:47 pm - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Is a second surgery necessary? You say you regained your weight due to bad eating habits. I'm struggling myself-- but I know I still have restriction and when I follow my proper eating habits I lose weight. I've got an appointment to see a weight loss surgeon and I want to sign up for their "non-surgical" weight loss program. I know the problem is in my another surgery isn't needed.

Hope you find the solution to your issue.


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