My 13th birthday with my sleeve!

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Some may say I took the easy way out! If so, this was my easy journey! Honestly is key and obesity is real! It wasn?t a free lifetime pass to eating! :/ P.S. I had tried everything under the sun. I was on WW since 17 losing the same 20lbs. I turned 37 and was approved for surgery. I had ballooned to 330 from years of yo-yo dieting. I chose me.

13 years ago today, marks the birthday of my new tool! Many state, the easy way out to weight loss, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy! I know, RIGHT! It was a dream, the 160 pounds just fell off kinda. Little do people know, the Halifax surgeon Dr. Klassen closed me up with a leaking body part that led to a stomach cavity full of sepsis! And left the local valley doctors to figure it out. While I suffered 4 months waiting for an answer of death! Multiple visits to Dr. Bustin and the outpatients. Finally, Dr. Goddard Jr. ran the right test! Well, he sent me off to Dr. Klassen and Dr. Ellsworth in Halifax that made the mess. 3 month hospital stay, 5 surgeries later and a wound vac and JP drain! There were days I felt like just falling asleep for GOOD! But, there were a few amazing nurses! Kim, my living angel... A RN that took me under her wing and advocated when no one else was there at the hospital! I got to go home at Christmas.. With the care from Dr. Bustin and the AWESOME care from VON.. In March, they took the JP drain out. Well, he tried without taking the suction off. Than realized his mistake! Came out much smoother after that. Just like pulling raw chicken apart! The following week we moved to Calgary without any medical care. A few visits to the Urgent Care here and finding a family doctor. After a few months, they agreed the leak was healed. It was now time to get the GERD healed! And start feeling like human. 13 years later, it is still a fight with the GERD, but, managed with medication. Yes, I will always have to watch the calories/SP that go in! And yes it should be protein first. But, we all make the wrong decisions with feeding ourselves. Depends the season we are fighting. Cheers to the fight against obesity! Would I do it again! Sure, without complications! ??

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Leaky sleeve survivor!!! 2008/2009 ~ 5'7"~ 42F Bougie

on 8/16/21 11:20 am

Congratulations an your anniversary! I, too, had mine 13 years ago. I'm sorry to hear about all of your complications, but I hope that things are smoother now!