10 years today

Linda B.
on 9/13/22 6:43 pm - CO
VSG on 09/13/12

Hi All, I haven't been on OH for a long time. I stay pretty busy with work, skating, and spending time with family now that we have moved closer to grandchildren. I am now in North Dakota.

On my way to work this morning, I remembered that today, I am 10 years out. Since I recently took a job close to home (no more 45-60 minute commute), I will try to jump on the boards occasionally.

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on 9/19/22 8:40 am
VSG on 04/19/21

Congratulations! This is huge!

I will look through things to see more of your journey because this is inspirational. I am one-year post-op (back in April) and I'm struggling hard... There are a number of BIG factors that are making the struggle so hard but at the same time, I know they are just excuses.

But anyway, this is about you. Congratulations again!!

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