I Am Not Really Seeing The Weight Loss I Was Expecting

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So I finally had my sleeve surgery 3 weeks ago and while there has been weight loss, it hasn't really been what I expected.

I don't have unrealistic expectations, but I expected to lose more weight than if I just did it on my own without the surgery with little calorie intake and some activity like with doing Optifast prior. Or just eating healthy (which I wasn't doing) and going for a walk everyday.

Perhaps it takes a month to really get things going, but I am hardly really eating anything when compared to the 4,000 calories+ a day I was eating that got me this way. I do eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I am not starving myself - but I am not yet in the solid food phase yet.

I have sort of reprogrammed my brain and I am not really craving the things now that made me obese. Now granted I know I JUST had the surgery and don't know how things will be 4 months from now, but I am just sort of wondering in the back of my mind if the surgery was really necessary in the sense that I maybe could have lost the same amount of weight if I finally just stuck to living a better life when it comes to food and my health.

I would appreciate any feedback from anyone else where weight loss started a bit slow even with having a smaller stomach now or feedback in general.



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WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning,

Congrats on making it through surgery. I hope your recovery has gone well.

A few things. You threw your body for a loop when you had surgery, and you're still healing. You've probably seen this advice but don't compare your journey to anyone else's. Your journey will be unique to you. A lot of people say to put the scale away for the first month.

All of that to say, none of your processes are the same, now. I literally asked my clinic the same question because I was losing faster pre-op than I did post-surgery. I lost 12 pounds the first month afterward, which I was happy with but doesn't track against all the 30 pound loss stories you see posted on socials. My clinic told me at that follow up that I was a slow loser...though it didn't end up that way in the long run.

You also have to factor in your starting weight, how much you lost during pre-op, etc. If you lost a significant amount leading in, there might be a slow start. Or you might just be a slow loser. And post surgery, we all lose differently. In previous cycles where I lost 100+ pounds, it was a steady loss. After the initial few months for surgery, it was stop and start until I got sick...few pounds of loss and three week stalls.

If you stay the course and keep on plan, you'll see the results. As you said, going from 4k calories to where you are now...it can't be anything otherwise. It's definitely a marathon rather than a sprint, though. You might have lost the weight without surgery but keeping it off is the difference!

Best wishes.

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