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Week 4 botting and dotting

on 9/1/20 7:37 am, edited 9/1/20 7:38 am

I am starting my 4th week bot. I have been filling in dots on my dot diet sheet for a little over a week. I have to standardize the serving size of each food group so that I don't eat too many calories. I am finding a starch serving is 80 to 100 calories, fruit 60 to 80, dairy 60 to 80, fat 50 and protein 150. So this morning my breakfast sandwich was 100 for a whole wheat muffin, 110 for cheese and 90 for turkey sausage ...300 calories. I counted it as 1 starch, 1 protein and 1 fat or 300 calories (100+150+50)

Sometimes I want to combine 2 dots for a snack such as fruit and dairy. Then I eat a snack at the half hour between the hour. So I eat my 10 am fruit and 11 am dairy at 10:30.

All in all I like the flexibility of the dot diet to keep me eating all food groups for nutrition and not eating too much at one time. I like the easy tracking.

I will be back next Sunday to give you an update. Hopefully, I will lose a pound or 2 by next week Tri