May 12, 2010

5/5/05 Got the call today! Leah said she had the approval in her hand. So two months into my 6 month medically supervised diet and the surgery is approved. Excited & a little terrified...

5/11/05 Still searching the net for any info. Need to order medical tag and some protein samples. Just getting ready.

5/16/05 Getting closer to June 1...May 24 th I have my pre-op work completed.

5/24/05 Went for my pre-op testing today. EKG, chest x-ray and lab. Had a "blip" show up on my EKG but it was my heart murmur (I already have cardiac clearance) so this shouldn't be a problem. Went to my first support group went okay. June 1st is getting here quick.

5/31/05 Less than 24 hours to go...have to be at the hospital by 6:30 AM. WOW!


May 12, 2010

3/7/05 Completed my cardio portion and stress test. No problems there. Doctor is sending clearance to my surgeon tomorrow (my birthday...go figure).

3/10/05 Stopped by the Doctors office to see of all my paperwork was in. Paperwork was mailed on 2/2/05 to insurance company. Now the waiting game.

3/16/05 Called BCBS they have my paperwork and it is being reviewed. Talked with Stephanie and I have reached the 30 day mark and she is going to put a push on my review.

3/17/05 DENIED...that's okay, they need the 6 month supervised diet thing. I'm okay with that.

3/28/05 Saw my PCP to start on my 6 months superviesed diet adventure. Have to go back in 30 days...

3/31/05 Received a call from Leah at Doctor Stewarts's office today. She told me she had received my denial notice and followed up with the insurance comapany to find out exactly what was needed...seems they didn't enter in all my paperwork that was sent to them (they entered about 250 pages and missed about 500). So they are going to review my paperwork again. She said she should get an answer hopefully by Monday the 3rd.

The start of a new life...

May 12, 2010

10/30/04 After 20 + years of being overweght and spending I don't know how much...I am looking for a life change that will work for me.
My sister just completed her one year and has lost 101 pounds.
Found out today my company is changing insurance companies. Looks like the new one will cover this procedure.
I think I may have found a surgen...will be calling their office today 11/1/04 to get more info. Hopefully since I am starting before my insurance changes over that I can have all "my ducks in a row" when January gets here.
Called the Dr. received a list of things I need to do...the ball is a rollin now! Have two months to gather up everything.


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