6-27-05 I am married (21 years) 2 grown children-girls- 20 and 17. I have been thinking about WLS for about 5 years now. I have several friends and acquaintences that have had the surgery with awesome results, it has changed their lives. I have my consultation appt. with Dr. Cole on Aug. 25th. I can't wait!!!!

10/21/05 Sorry I have not posted to my profile in a long time. So here is an update. I have already had my intake session, it was a very informative day and even though I was there 5 1/2 hours it was well worth it. That day I had my nutrition eval and my psych eval, and all went very well. I just recently had my physical and I think all went well with that. I now have to get a mamogram which I am getting today, and next week I have to get a pap, and get my letter of support from my doctor.

It seems like such a long process and is taking forever to get from one appointment to the next. I just hope insurance approval goes fast, I would like to get this done before Dec. if at all possible.

My next appointment with the surgeon is Nov. 7th, that appointment is also with my hubby tagging along.

10/29/05 Got my mammogram results a few days ago. All is good

Had my yearly exam with my PCP, on the 27th, I was real nervous, cause for one thing it has been years since my last pap, and I was not sure if he would agree to doing the letter of support to the surgeon, but to my surprise he did. I was soooooo excited, and now am just waiting til the appointment on Nov. 7th. then the waiting game starts for insurance approval.

11/7/05 Had my visit with Dr. Cole and hubby and daughter went along as well. He mostly explained the possible complications, and also about skin issues later on. He said the next step is that he will send his information to the insurance company and it should take about 2 weeks for the decision from them.

11/13/05 Got the mail yesterday when I got home from work. It had only been 5 days since I had seen Dr. Cole. I GOT APPROVED !!! I was totally blown away. I really wasn't expecting it to be so fast. I had spoken to the insurance company myself a while back and they said it usually is about a month before anyone hears anything. So now my excitement is through the roof. I have lots of planning to do, along with the holidays coming up. I want to make sure everything is done before I go in. I have to call Dr. Cole's office on Monday and get my date. I want to try for the beginning of next year. Wow what a New Years resolution, and this time it WILL work. Wooooooo Hooooooooo

11/15/05 I have a date !!!! 11/29/05

8/21/06 Long time no posting!!! I guess I have just been so busy with work and getting my life on track. I am feeling absolutely great. I have lost a total of 90 lbs so far. I am currently at 167 lbs. I have not felt this good since my twenties. I have had several WOW moments. Crossing my legs I have never in my whole life been able to, going from a size 22 pants to now wearing a 10, going from a size 26 shirts to a Large and sometimes Medium, having someone that knows me quite well to having someone have to tell her who I was, putting on my original wedding set that I haven't worn in 20 years, being able to keep up with what I want to do and not get exhausted, I dont' get out of breath anymore, I love to shop now. There are so many that I probably forgot some. I am trying to get myself into some kind of exercise regimen, I work such varying hours that it makes it impossible to get into a program, so I have to try to make myself do things on my own. Also I cannot afford to join a health club right now, some day I hope to. It sure would be nice to be able to have someone there to instruct me and push me.

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