Pre-op: 2 Weeks & 2 days to go!

Feb 27, 2009

This is the first blog I've ever written. Its ironic that its not for me, but my husband. Those of you that have read posts from me know his story. He is very nervous about the surgery. He needs support. he has read many posts here and on Youtube about the pain after surgery and that is making him very nervous. I encourage him quite a bit, but he is not feeling that part of it. LOL - Is there any advice, as to how to handle the pain? Anyway....he now often talks about what it will be like to lose the weight. He has been obese most of his life. He has always been overweight. I imagine that this will be like being reborn for him. I asked him: "What are some things that you haven't done in years...or ever..that you look forward to the most?" Some things I can share with you...some I cannot (lol) but I will say that he is looking forward to playing basket ball again. He has never flown on an airplane or done a number of other things.

He said he looks forward to having the energy to get out more. He said he's always been "skinny" inside. He loves to dance...I can't wait to see him really dance. I hope he gets all he ever wanted. He's such a blessing to me. He deserves a full and happy life.

I will have him start blogging his journey this weekend. As usual, I will do the typing. lol


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