Please welcome Cory to the Losers side! 5 days post op

Mar 21, 2009

Well.......he did it! By He I mean God...He did it! Why am I amazed? Because he is an Amazing God!

Cory not only sailed through the surgery, a few hours later he was walking up and down the hospital halls. The next day he was home virtually pain free. He struggled with the discomfort of gas for a few days, but now that is no longer a issue.

I am so grateful to God, so proud of my husband and so ready to take this journey with him. Wonderful Savior, Healer and Counselor....I truly, whole-heartedly and publicly thank God the Father through Jesus Christ for ALL He has done. I trusted Him, but I'm human, there were moments when I was afraid. There is no need for me to lie, God created me..." I am fearfully and wonderfully made" so I have to be honest. I was nervous. My mind was wandering while Cory was in the OR....

But not only did he make it through (despite all his health issues), he shocked the nurses and the doctor with how well he is doing, thank God.

So thank you all for your support, advice and most of all for your prayers. Cory went into the hospital weighing 456 pounds. We don't know what he weighs now, but we will find out most likely when he goes for his 2 week check up. I am sure he will blog soon.

God Bless!


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