I've always been a "thick" girl and honestly never had a real problem with it. I LOVED my curves for a larger part of my life, im latin WE CURVY haha! I only started considering my weight a "battle" in the last few years....it started to just PILE on around my waist and no matter what I've tried (and Ive tried LOTS) it just doesnt go away... a cpl of years ago i was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and learned that this syndrome plays a HUGE role in the lack of weight lost through the years, my fellow CYSTers will know about the burden of carrying this extra weight! Good news is that I've heard WONDERFUL things about pcos simply disappearing after WLS, i sure hope im one of the lucky ones!!

I only started thinking about WLS in the last few months, my mom actually brought it up and off the bat i took offense to the idea!! It took a while for me to understand that she was only thinking of me and my future...I want kids someday....this weight and PCOS can put a huge damper on that...AND i want to be around for those kids...i need to be healthy!!

I only recently mentioned this to my boyfriend who very quickly said that he supported my decision 100%...i was so scared about what his reaction would be...he met me this way and i wasnt sure he wanted to think of me any other way...but he sees the need for it healthwise and even jokingly said, "can i get it too!" lol hey MAYBE ...haha but i love a big man soooo i dont know hahaha...either way he WILL be working out with me!!!

Im hoping to say bye bye bye to PCOS, back pain, asthma and MY BELLY very soon!! =)


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