Baby Bella Rosa is here!

Aug 04, 2010

I havent updated in a very long time, obviously, since my baby girl is here! lol
She is just shy of 3 weeks old now and doing great! i love her so much and i truly owe my little miracle baby, in large part, to having had gastric bypass!!
She was born 7/16/10 @ 10:21pm weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz. & 18 inches long. Labor was induced and INTENSE, i had two failed epidurals and labored for 49 hours AND pushed for 3 hours w/out any meds OUCH, despite being as tiny as she was she still tore me pretty badly and we needed help from the vacuum to get her out of the birth canal. She may just end up being an only child after all of that LOL

well here she is!

baby bella


5 months pregnant =)

Mar 12, 2010

20 weeks and 3 days pregnant. We had our big anatomy scan today and baby is still a girl lol
im up 6 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and its a little hard to grasp the idea of gaining after losing for so long...but i know its all for the baby!


shes growing, and so am I!! lol

Mar 03, 2010

this was taken this weekend!
cant suck it in anymore LOL!


its a girl!!!!!!

Feb 15, 2010

yes found out today we are having a little girl! 
her name will be Bella Rosa, NO im not a twilight fan, lol ive never seen/read any of the twilight movies/books! I fell in love with the name Bella about 6 years ago when i met the most beautiful little girl named bella at a birthday party, and Rosa is a family name (grandmas, moms and my middle name)  I LOVE it!!!


baby is growing!

Jan 05, 2010

had my scheduled ultrasound yesterday and it was AWESOME! baby is measuring just right and still had a strong heartbeat of 176! I have to admit that it still doesnt feel real, i felt like i was watching someone elses baby up on the screen, i dont think it will feel real until i can actually feel all of the kicking and punching ( baby was doing tons of that on the screen yesterday)
I also found a cute little townhouse for rent not too far from home and on the same street as the hospital where i will deliver the baby later this year. I dont like that its only 2 bedroom (was really hoping for 3) BUT it has a two car attached garage AND in unit laundry (big plus with baby on the way) Its about the same size as my apartment as far as square footage is concerned but having the garage and laundry make it seem sooo much bigger, i think it will be a good place. Tomorrow im going to look at ONE more place and then if it doesnt blow me away ill be heading over to the townhome to place a deposit to hold the place until feb 1st!


sneak peek @ peanut!

Dec 24, 2009

after a long and scary night in urgent care (had some light bleeding and cramping in my back) i was given the gift of seeing my lil peanut for the first time! he/she (my guess is girl!) was moving all around and had a nice strong heartbeat of 178!!

our peanut at 9 weeks

cant freakin believe this!

Nov 19, 2009

IM FLIPPIN KNOCKED UP!!!!  yes ladies and gentlemen I AM PREGGERS!!! i am just 5lbs from goal and a lil over 9 months post op and now im preggers! some might be upset by this but im completely terrified LOL but not very happy. I have PCOS and was told early on in life that i would have a hard time getting pregnant if at all. Im super scared because im pretty sure im at super high risk for problems, BUT I WONT SPEAK IT! Im trusting God to get me through this, safe and healthy. OMG OMG seriously hasnt set in at all!!!
only mom and boyfriend know. im scared to tell anyone...BUT of course had to share with my OH family!

so there was a very faint line and then there was the digital one.....


dress and heels!!

Oct 27, 2009

bought my first "little black dress" and and new pair of what my girls and i like to call "CFM's" (Come F*&% ME) HEELS!! hahaha
great stuff.
dress is a size SMALL!!!!!!


happy halloween!!!!!!

Oct 26, 2009

down 106 lbs. (10 lbs from goal)  Life is amazing....wore a dress for the first time in about 8 years this past weekend AND i dressed up for halloween for the first time in years as well!! i still have moments where i dont recognize myself and its the best lol
here are a few pics!!!!!!!!
enjoy =)
hope everyone

down 106 lbs
friend who took this, claims it was an accident

w/ my friend Amanda on her bday!!
-106 lbs!


-100 lbs!!

Sep 30, 2009

oh yes life is good! I am so happy, this weekend i finally hit the 100 lbs LOST mark!!

AND I've never been so happy to say that its soo amazing to be able to sit with my knees up to my chest!! =)


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