Adirondack Medical Center

"My stay at AMC was WONDERFUL! It really was more like a "bed and breakfast" hotel type of stay more than anything. They really do have a wonderful staff of nurses and doctors. I cannot say enough good things about AMC. I HIGHLY recommend Adirondack Medical for this type of surgery. They truely do live up to their mission statement of " Excellent Health Care Close to home". My Care was the best I have ever had and I really appreciate all the help that the nurses gave me during my 4 day stay. Thanks AMC!!!:-)"

Michael Hill

"When I first went in to the office to meet with Dr. Hill, I must admit I was VERY nervous. As soon as Dr. Hill stepped in the room he really eased the nervousness. Everyone who has told me that he was great was so right. He is truely an awsome doctor who knows his stuff. After a firm handshake and introduction, he proceded to go over the procedure that I would be having in great detail. He even drew pictures to make sure that I had a firm understanding of what was going to happen during and after my surgery. He also went over the risks and complications in great detail too. He is such a wonderful Dr. and I am so much more confident in getting the surgery after meeting with him. I know that I have chose the right surgeon to do my surgery and know what to do if any such complications occur during my stay at AMC.rnrnUpdate: Now that I have had the surgery I can say that Dr. Hill is the best doctor I have ever had! His surgical skills are superb and his bedside manner is unlike any other doctor I have ever had. He truely is a lifesaver in my mind. AMC's nursing staff was also wonderful and made my stay as pleasant as it could be for just having major surgery. I look forward to continuing the program at AMC and attending the Post op support groups. I would rate the program a definate 10 out of a scale of 1-10. I would also VERY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hill to anyone considering this surgery. He is such a great man and I know that anyone would like him if they met him! I send a BIG thanks AMC and Dr. Hill for such a wonderful experience! Good Luck to all who make the decision to undergo this surgery and I hope you have a great experience like I did."

Chocolate Splendor Protein Powder

"Has a good flavor. Not bad, but not as good as other chocolate flavored protein supplements that I have tried. GNC seems to have a better more chocolatey flavor than unjury."

Pro Performance® 100% Whey Protein- Chocolate Supreme

"The chocolate is really good. Would highly recommend it. Excellent product!"

Unflavored Protein Powder

"I used my sample pkt to mix with Diet Jello. It worked well and gave me 10gm of protein per cup of jello. Made a great snack."

Beth Morgan

"Very nice lady to work with. She helped me with the pre-op weight loss that is required for bariatric surgery. I would highly recommend her for those of you who are in need of bariatric surgery. I would also highly recommend the bariatric program that AMC offers to anyone who needs some help with the limitations that severe obesity has caused them. "

Crystal Light-Lemonade/Pink Lemonade

"I absolutely love this product. It has a good taste and is excellent mixed with water. Helps me get my 64 fl. oz of water in each day. Will definately use this product after surgery."

Merge - Strawberry Sorbet

"I recieved mine as a Sample Packet from my Nut. I Mixed it with water+crystal Light Lemonade. It was ok. But I am not crazy over the stuff. It has a very acquired taste to it and would be better mixed with fruit as a smoothie or something like that."

Samantha Ludwig

"Very Nice lady to talk with. Very supportive of my decision to undergo GBS for SMO. VERY YOUNG!!! But VERY professional."

Elizabeth Isenberg

"Excellent lady to work with. Very polite and understanding individual. Would highly recommend to others interested in losing weight through a dietition."
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