Revival Soy Chips

"Wonderful crunch. The texture is somewhere between a Funion (spelling?) and a pork rind. They have a lot of flavor and crunchiness that chews down to next to nothing. There are a number of different flavors. I suggest starting out with a variety pack."

Sublingual B12

"I use these, they are great. They disolve pretty quickly and taste great."

Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center

"My experience was very positive. The hospital staff was great. I would recommend this hospital to anyone."

Erik Wilson

"I first met Dr. Wilson on March 29, 2005. At that time I weighed 658 lbs and was bedridden. He and his staff were very curteous and helpful, but he explained to me that it was simply too dangerous for me to have surgery at that point. He said that I needed to get below 500 lbs. and regain mobility before it would be safe enough to operate. He perscribed an Optifast diet, which was approximately 1500 calories a day. I did use Optifast for awhile, but eventually moved to real food and counting calories, also at 1500 calories a day.rnThe next time I saw Dr. Wilson was at the mandatory informational meeting, which I believe that I went to in February 2006. By that point I was under 500 lbs. and still losing. He recognized me and seemed genuinely delighted to see me. (I doubt he thought he would ever see me again.) rnHe did my Lap RNY on May 22, 2006 and I have done beautifully. I have had no complications whatsoever. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Wilson and I would recommend him to anyone looking into WLS."
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