I have always, always had a weight issue.  It started when I was in Kindergarten and just kept getting worse.  When I was 24, I was a size 18, and then had a major car accident that caused me to be off my feet for over a year.  Then when I was 28 or 29, I gained about 50 lbs and couldn't take it off.  Then, again, when I had my thyroid removed becuase of cancer, I gained and took of some of the weight, but didn't get to pre-surgery weight.  Then 13 years later, I had a bout of colorectal cancer that devistated my body.  I continued to work 2 jobs, but would come home and crash, being in bed and asleep by 6 PM.  The lack of exercise for the 2 years of chemo/radiation caused me to gain about 60 lbs.  About a year ago, I started thinking about having gastric surgery and was blown away with how much support I got from my friends.  (I think they are looking forward to having the old me back who loved to travel, do things and constantly be on the go.  Yes, I miss travelling and doing museums.) 

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