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Is anyone missing foods that, while healthy, you can no longer "stomach" since your surgery. I miss eggs! I loved either lightly fried, poached or hard boiled eggs. I can no longer stomach one! Just turns my tummy right away! Also, miss salad. Us

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None of us tend to eat the same way when we are on vacation as we...

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Okay guys, I just had to share how good I feel about this one! Last week, my car had to go into the shop and I had to borrow my hubby's car. Guess what??!! I was able to fit behind the wheel of his little Ford Focus without pedal extenders!!! WHOO

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Ladies, and gentlemen (if you can answer this). I tried to wear a pair of leggings today, and it became abundantly clear that I have saggy skin around my knees. Does anyone know of a pantliner that will help control what needs to be controlled, witho

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Using community support to encourage me when down and also to keep me in goal on the diet.

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Had my follow up with my surgeon's office today and the CRNP basically kicked me in the butt! He told me to expect a weight loss of 4-8 lbs a month. I have lost 14 in the past 5 weeks. He said that if I continue to obsess about "how much did I lose

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Okay peoples, how to you add your weight loss and goals to the end of your posts? I can't figure this out. Can someone help me?

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Need some help here! I was basically a chair potato for three years following my last chemo/radiation go through. I am now trying to amp up my physical exercise. The problem is that I have bad arthritis of the knees. I have started physical therapy f

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Good luck with the surgery!

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So, had the sleeve procedure done 12/7, came back to work last Monday. Weighted myself last Monday, and had lost another 12 lbs since my surgery date. Today, I weighed myself and weigh the EXACT same thing as last Monday. The only difference I've no

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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Here are some links to information you may find helpful: http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/photographing-your-weight-loss-surgery-journey http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/weight-loss-surgery-hosptial-stay-what-to-pack http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/four-on-the-floor-self-care-after-weight-loss-surgery We can't wait to hear from you post-op!

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Thank you for registering at ObesityHelp.com. It's time to begin or continue your weight loss journey. You can get started by customizing your personal profile, set some new goals, begin tracking your weight loss, and post on the message boards. If you need some assistance getting started, that is what I am here for. We hope you enjoy your experience here at ObesityHelp.com.

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Anyone tried it?? Any comments

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So,I've lost 46 lbs and my surgery is scheduled for next week. However, started a fitness plan and since the first day at the gym, I can barely put weight on my left knee. Its to the left of The kneecap when looking down at it. Very upsetting due to

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